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Wellington, Aug 5 ( ANI ): Olympic Champion Usain Bolt has said that he is even more focused than last time to get the world championships title in Moscow and the absence of some of his main rivals would not make him drop his guard.
But old habits die hard and Marquez finally exploited a Pacquiao offensive lapse in which he tends to drop his guard after firing punches, according to several keen boxing observers of the Filipino's career.
LOOKS like the soaring midday heat made this chap drop his guard.
Albion boss Tony Mowbray will not drop his guard on Sunday.
Vets in Practice TV star Emma Milne said: ``Even though he had been through serious surgery and was in obvious discomfort he still would not drop his guard or stop working.
Last night, of all nights, we might have expected Dewar to drop his guard, thump the air in triumph, to hug someone, to sample the delights of cold filtered lager straight from the bottle.