drop below

drop below (something)

To fall below a certain level. If the temperature drops below 32 degrees, this water will freeze. You'll lose your scholarship if your grades drop below a B-.
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drop below someone or something

to fall to a point lower than someone or something. The gunman dropped below the cowboy's hiding place and got ready to take a shot. The temperature dropped below the freezing point.
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If price were to drop below $268 tomorrow, a bearish cup and handle pattern would become active.
The minimum temperature is expected to drop below 10C in the southern areas while settled weather will prevail in general during the weekend, the weather report states.
Minimum temperatures in the southern part of the country are expected to drop below 10'b0C by the end of the week, Qatar Meteorology Department said in an advisory on Monday.
Global Banking News-February 25, 2015--Central bank official says Israel's rates could drop below zero
But there was no confirmation indicating further weakness as the index did not drop below 4385.
The island's fiscal deficit is expected to drop below 3% in this year, which is the EU requirement and to range close to 2.5%, while the forecast by the Troika of international lenders is 4.7% and the IMF 4.4%, Minister of Finance Harris Georgiades said on Friday.
The system also means if Wales were to lose heavily against Australia in Friday's third place play-off, they could even drop below Ireland and Argentina.
They provide maximum grip and optimum performance when outside temperatures drop below 7[degrees]C.
Scotland is ranked 15th in Europe in UEFA's co-efficient table and a drop below S w i t z e rland and Israel into 17th would rob us of another Champions League spot.
Of the post-World War II presidents, Obama now is the fourth fastest to drop below the majority approval level, doing so in his 10th month on the job.
Temperatures were to drop below freezing last night and the start of November will feature a brisk, north-westerly wind and rain in parts of England and Wales tomorrow and Sunday.
Those who make it to the end can savour vertiginous views over the fjord, a 600m sheer drop below, uninterrupted by the niceties of balustrading.
Despite the A320 introduction costs and high fuel prices over the past two years, he said the airline's unit cost is just 2.33 cents with fuel and 1.32 cents without, adding, "We expect our ASK cost to drop below 2 cents including fuel next year." Nov 13, 2006
In the wake of a major eruption, this deflection of solar energy can cause global air temperatures to drop below average for months.