drop across

drop across (someone or something)

1. To fall on and splay across someone or something. The garland fell and dropped across the lower branches of the Christmas tree.
2. To fall (or to place down), either across a gap or blocking something. In this usage, a noun or pronoun is used between "drop" and "across." The tree dropped across the road, blocking traffic for hours. Drop that towel across the spill until we can find a mop.
See also: across, drop

drop something across something

to let something fall in such a way that a span is bridged; to let something fall in such a way that a pathway is blocked. Let's drop a little rug across the threshold. They dropped a huge boulder across the road so no one could pass.
See also: across, drop

drop across someone or something

[for something long or wide] to fall on and lay on someone or something. A snake dropped across the hood of the tourist bus as it passed under a tree. As I lay sleeping, a ceiling panel dropped across me and woke me up.
See also: across, drop
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Despite the use rate's consistent drop across various power sources, the supplying facilities are looking to expand.
Louis Armstrong International Airport officials say water pressure and heating has been restored after freezing temperatures caused pressure to drop across Jefferson Parish on Thursday.
The next most popular area for buying apartments, Al Khan, saw prices drop across 1, 2 and 3-beds, to AED 467k, AED 824k and AED 1.
It was a similar drop across the board for all claimants in Dumfries and Galloway.
Yesterday, the 18-month-old girl was in a stable condition as flood waters began to drop across the Houston area.
Designers and engineers are sometimes concerned about the voltage drop across a trace.
Correctly sizing the pipework at this stage is critical to ensuring the pressure drop across the system--from the discharge at the compressor house to the point-of-use--is no more than 0.
Most operators managed to meet TRAI's recommended maximum level of 2% overall call drop across all circles, barring Aircel and BSNL.
In its forecast for Wednesday, the centre said: "Temperatures are set to drop across UAE and rain is expected on Tuesday, Wednesday and Thursday in some parts of the country.
SWAT -- A three-day anti polio campaign will begin from February 15, wherein over 442,000 children up to the age of five would be administered anti polio drop across the district.
Temperatures are likely to see a significant drop across Qatar today, according to the weather report, which has also forecast strong winds in some parts of the country.
Dubai: Temperatures continue to drop across the UAE with night-time lows already falling well below seasonal average lows of around 20 degrees Celsius.
The system must include RICE NESHAP complaint catalyst monitoring system that shall be able to monitor and record the exhaust temperature entering the catalyst as well as the drop across the catalyst.
Like-for-like sales edged up 1% overall in the half-year, but fell 4% in the second quarter, and the group said it saw a "mid single digit" drop across Asia Pacific as Chinese customers in particular reined in spending.
The distribution of the heating gas in the retorting zone and the pressure drop across the retort are responsible for heat exchange efficiency, products yield, oil quality, and the benefits of the oil shale retorting process.