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In some communities, droopy drawers push the envelop of public decency.
Such contagion seems to happen only with unfortunate things, such as baggy, droopy drawers on young men and stretchy pants on women old enough to know better.
"Look there's droopy drawers," cooed my elder sister, when I emerged from the cubicle, pale as a ghost, and began stepping gingerly over the shingles to the sea in a pair of voluminous trunks, which my mean buttocks could never have hoped to fill.
You want to back Droopy Drawers for the Aintree slog at the available 500.
Yet despite this, Miss Pamela, as she became known, was not Miss Droopy Drawers when it came to rock stars - she didn't just sleep with anyone.
The skivvy shots were an opportunity to pretend that we have "won" the war by humiliating the "butcher" in his unfashionable droopy drawers. The idea that to strip an Arab man--even a bad Arab man--and display him in mockery is to degrade him as a human being does not seem to have given Fox editors pause.
Born and raised in Nixa, Mo., Tim Mabe joined the show in 1986, first as a rhythm guitarist and later, following in the footsteps of his father as Droopy Drawers Jr.
THANK you for the emails and letters re my few words anent cropped tops, spare tyres and droopy drawers.
They are blooming everywhere on the high street and, apparently, even the droopy drawers at the Hay literary festival earlier this year were wearing them.
By the time they reached 60, they were well into that mysterious no-go land that old ladies and their underwear inhabit - the Nora Batty territory of droopy drawers and baggy ankles.
"When mine was young, and there aren't many people left who can remember that," she said, pausing to dab a tear of mirth from her left cheek, "his sisters called him droopy drawers because his bottom was too small to fill his swimming trunks."
When they step into the past, the politician becomes "Droopy Drawers"; the pizza delivery man becomes "Gentle Ben." The accountant answers to "Numbers"; the teacher to "Hay Lady." The journalist is "Cajun." Their ages range from 25 to 58; the average age is 15 years older than members on most of the teams they play.
Chuck away those droopy drawers and washed-out inhibitions.
These filled with water as soon as I had waded waist-deep, prompting my sisters to call me 'droopy drawers'.
``Look, there's Droopy Drawers,'' said my sisters,as they unearthed a shot ofalittle boy in a pair of huge swimming trunks, billowing around an almost curveless bottom, to which they clung by an act of faith rather than elastic.