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droopy drawers

Pants sagging below the waistline. Can also be used as a term of address for someone experiencing this. I forgot to pack my belt, so I've got a serious case of droopy drawers today. Hey, droopy drawers! Pull up your pants before the headmaster sees you!
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n. someone—usually a child—whose pants are falling down. (Also a term of address.) Hey, droopy-drawers, pull up your pants.
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PC Alex Kimmins said: "His eyelids were very droopy and he was using his tongue to clean the inside of his mouth."
Coleen became visibly upset but fellow panellist Janet Street Porter asked Hopkins: "Do you think talking about a cancer victim having a droopy breast is constructive?"
I was only angry when they were really, really droopy.
Good to see Monmore trainer Kim Billingham's name back amongst the open race winners at Doncaster last week, with Redbrick Droopy taking the sprint.
7.58 (480m): Ballygibba Tim, Looney Bin, Droopy''s Jethro, Cairns Mo, Centaur Forward (W).
"Basset": The saggy baggy Basset hound / has ears that nearly touch the ground, / with mournful eyes and wrinkled skin / that hangs below his droopy chin.
A Droopy ears do block some sound, though the average dog's hearing is far better than ours.
Detectives are confident they will catch the distinctive-looking criminal who has a droopy left eye and red blemish on his chin which could be a birthmark.
One less-than-impressed senator said news reports implied politicians were preoccupied with 'droopy pants'.
A burglar, described as "gormless-looking with droopy eyelids" , was spotted escaping from a house.
D19009 _2 WEIGHING IN: Kennel hand Nikki Haywood with Droopy Diaz watched by Malcolm Francis and chief paddock steward Russ Watkin
They say the runners, with their long hair and droopy moustaches, were inspired by American athlete Steve Prefontaine, among others.
He has no eyes to speak of, a crooked smile, and two droopy antennae.
Have you ever noticed in those glossy, fancy holster catalogs all the models are well-starched, nary a hair out of place and the leather they sport fits trimly, with no bulges, droopy pants or pot bellies getting in the way?
Loose Women descended into chaos as Katie defended her remarks about cancer survivor Linda Nolan's "fat arm" and "droopy breasts" during their live TV clash.