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droopy drawers

Pants sagging below the waistline. Can also be used as a term of address for someone experiencing this. I forgot to pack my belt, so I've got a serious case of droopy drawers today. Hey, droopy drawers! Pull up your pants before the headmaster sees you!
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n. someone—usually a child—whose pants are falling down. (Also a term of address.) Hey, droopy-drawers, pull up your pants.
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For King Arthur, for a poster, they gave me these strange droopy tits.
Dynamo Droopy is owned by the University Dons, who w o r k a t M a n c h e s t e r University, and syndicate leader John Drew said: "We are absolutely delighted.
HABIT: Droopy arms A wilted port de bras is no way to captivate an audience.
As advertised, the droopy tips greatly improved short field takeoffs and low speed controllability and they reduced the Tripacer's famed power-off, brick-like sink rate.
Lawmakers in Florida have passed a bill that could suspend students for wearing droopy trousers.
Droopy pants, sliding belts and a gut the size of a Volkswagen sure do get in the way of a smooth draw.
Basset": The saggy baggy Basset hound / has ears that nearly touch the ground, / with mournful eyes and wrinkled skin / that hangs below his droopy chin.
A Droopy ears do block some sound, though the average dog's hearing is far better than ours.
To recognize the signs of a stroke, use the acronym FAST: Face-weakness or numbness, droopy mouth or crooked smile; Arm or leg-weakness or numbness; Speech-difficulty in understanding or speaking; Time-call 9-1-1 immediately (October 9 2006 Archives of Internal Medicine).
To accomplish this, he plants mullein and Queen Anne's lace with large, droopy leaves to provide shade for beneficial insects.
Detectives are confident they will catch the distinctive-looking criminal who has a droopy left eye and red blemish on his chin which could be a birthmark.
Around February, some plants take on a sickly looking appearance: droopy or crunchy with brown or yellow foliage.
Forget Botox this is the new wonder ingredient being touted by the antiwrinkle brigade and it doesn't require needles or cause droopy brows