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droopy drawers

Pants sagging below the waistline. Can also be used as a term of address for someone experiencing this. I forgot to pack my belt, so I've got a serious case of droopy drawers today. Hey, droopy drawers! Pull up your pants before the headmaster sees you!
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n. someone—usually a child—whose pants are falling down. (Also a term of address.) Hey, droopy-drawers, pull up your pants.
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As indicated in Figure 9, [V.sub.NL] is the no-load voltage, [V.sub.ref] is the reference voltage (rated operation voltage), [DELTA][V.sub.operation] is the range of voltage that would allow the algorithm to adjust the reference voltage, and K is the droop gain of one of the converters.
Based on the droop method mentioned in (3), the differential calculation result can be obtained as follows:
Droop says CH2M selected Winchester because the firm designed many camps recently built on the North Slope and was present for the commissioning when those camps came on line.
As table 1 and above mentioned figures of droop shows that when we increase the droop, the difference between Vm and Vr increases.
From the small signal model and the system eigenvalues of (15) and (20), it can be concluded that the dynamic responses of the power flow control mainly depend on the droop parameters ([k.sub.pp], [k.sub.qp]) and the filter parameter ([[tau].sub.p]).
At the same time, the efficiency droop of HVFC-LED improved approximation to 9.9% and 9.2% compared to both references.
Droop accuracy, phase current balance and over-current protection can be affected by temperature related changes in RDS(ON) or DCR.
Because fewer branches droop on young oval, spreading, or round-shaped trees (decurrent growth habit) than on pyramidal trees, these tree types might not be pruned in the first ten years after planting because there may be few complaints from citizens about drooping branches.
providing termpower, as it will help prevent voltage droop caused by IR drop in the cabling.
The ageing star who, granted, looks great for her years, should face the facts - the older you get the more the bits droop.
If the loading element delivers inconsistent pressure as it expands and contracts in response to pressure variations, the system may experience what is commonly known as droop. Droop is the amount that outlet pressure falls when system flow requirements increase.
With this in mind, engineers at Lamb developed a mechanical structure for a new boring machine that combines droop compensation with laser-guided tool path correction.
Function options for the unit include isochronous speed (50 or 60 Hz); two or three speeds; droop; start fuel limiter; load sharing; dual dynamics; adjustable max fuel stop; manifold air pressure and bias fuel limiter.
However, when age and gravity hit the body, Tiresias's sexual and social power droop precipitously.
COOL DAWN, Cheltenham Gold Cup hero, and Super Tactics, winner of the Racing Post Chase at Kempton, will head the cast at Robert Alner's open day at Locketts Farm, Droop, Dorset on Sunday September 20.