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drool bucket

1. An unintelligent or moronic person, derogatorily likened to a mentally disabled person (i.e., one who may drool involuntarily). The Internet is filled with drool buckets like you who make ignorant claims with no basis in reality.
2. A figurative bucket needed to collect saliva as a result of seeing someone or something particularly attractive. I'm going to show you my grandfather's vintage 1967 Corvette—get your drool bucket ready!
3. Someone, especially a baby, who drools a great deal. He's such a happy baby, but my goodness, he's a little drool bucket!
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drool (all) over (someone or something)

1. Literally, to release saliva from one's mouth onto someone or something. Can you please come in here and get your dog before he drools all over me?
2. To be very excited about or interested in something. For Christmas, I got my boyfriend the fancy speakers he'd been drooling over at the store.
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drool (all) over someone or something

1. . Lit. to drip saliva on someone or something. You're drooling all over my plate! The dog drooled all over my hand.
2. Fig. to envy or desire someone or something. (Alludes to drooling from hunger.) The boys stood there, drooling over the fancy sports car. Wally Wilson spent many hours drooling over photographs of Marilyn.
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drool (all) over someone/something

in. to show enormous desire for someone or something. Sam was drooling over Martha like a lovesick calf.
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drool over someone/something

See also: drool, over, something


mod. can withstand idiots who drool. (Of well-written software that even droolings idiots can operate without crashing.) This software package is drool-proof. Even my grandmother could use it.
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Of the caretakers who responded, 15 of 23 (65%) reported that their child exhibited less drooling odor while receiving glycopyrrolate than when receiving placebo, and 21 of 24 (87%) caretakers reported improved dryness of clothing with glycopyrrolate as compared to placebo.
Allaire, MA, stated, "In addition to its stigmatizing social effects, drooling can cause maceration of the skin around the mouth and chin, foul odors, and constant soiling of clothing and furniture.
6 percent) in the placebo group exhibited at least a 3-point improvement on the modified Teacher's Drooling Scale (mTDS)(P=0.
Patients will complain of drooling, a wet pillow, or a choking sensation.
Cerebral palsy, stroke, mental retardation, facial palsy, and amyotrophic lateral sclerosis (ALS) also put patients at risk, he said, adding that 20% of ALS patients complain about drooling.
Only after they left the stage were the boys able to control their drooling and panting.
The girls were drooling all over him; the gay guys too.
The images might include: Klansmen demanding that gays be slaughtered or castrated; Hysterical backwoods preachers, drooling with hate to a degree that looks both comical and deranged; Menacing punks, thugs, and convicts.
Every professional service company with an ebusiness practice, every ecommerce software vendor, and every pre-existing emarketplace aggregator is now drooling at the prospect of capturing a part of this high-dollar, highly visible project," Villars said.
But viewers unfamiliar with her previous work, instead of drooling over the coolly adumbrated scene of multiple penetrations, might suspect that they are projecting their own fantasies onto a perfectly innocent painting.
They would simply declare the subject unbroachable away from the dark, fetid corners where drooling child-sex fantasists huddle.
Not enamored over dated promises, And not drooling or panting at the prospect Of being thought of as sensitive or sane.
A showstopper every time she makes an entrance, Lobe is especially eye-popping as a sexy jailer in black leather who wields a mean baton over drooling male prisoners.
com/research/7ktglp/chronic_drooling) has announced the addition of Global Markets Direct's new report "Chronic Drooling - Pipeline Review, H1 2012" to their offering.