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boys rule, girls drool

childish An assertion that boys or men are superior to girls or women. A: "The girls' team is gonna win for sure!" B: "No way! Boys rule, girls drool!" There's definitely been a pervasive "boys rule, girls drool" attitude in the office ever since Jake took over as the boss.
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drool (all) over (someone or something)

1. Literally, to release saliva from one's mouth onto someone or something. Can you please come in here and get your dog before he drools all over me?
2. To be very excited about or interested in something. My boyfriend has been drooling over those fancy speakers at the store.
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drool bucket

1. An unintelligent or moronic person, derogatorily likened to a mentally disabled person (i.e., one who may drool involuntarily). The Internet is filled with drool buckets like you who make ignorant claims with no basis in reality.
2. A figurative bucket needed to collect saliva as a result of seeing someone or something particularly attractive. I'm going to show you my grandfather's vintage 1967 Corvette—get your drool bucket ready!
3. Someone, especially a baby, who drools a great deal. He's such a happy baby, but my goodness, he's a little drool bucket!
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girls rule, boys drool

childish An assertion that girls or women are superior to boys or men. A: "The boys' team is gonna win for sure!" B: "No way! Girls rule, boys drool!" There's definitely been a pervasive "girls rule, boys drool" attitude in the office ever since Janet took over as the boss.
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drool (all) over someone or something

1. . Lit. to drip saliva on someone or something. You're drooling all over my plate! The dog drooled all over my hand.
2. Fig. to envy or desire someone or something. (Alludes to drooling from hunger.) The boys stood there, drooling over the fancy sports car. Wally Wilson spent many hours drooling over photographs of Marilyn.
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drool (all) over someone/something

in. to show enormous desire for someone or something. Sam was drooling over Martha like a lovesick calf.

drool over someone/something



mod. can withstand idiots who drool. (Of well-written software that even droolings idiots can operate without crashing.) This software package is drool-proof. Even my grandmother could use it.
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This will result in die drool. If you try to correct the problem only by drawing the extrudate down, the processing window will be narrowed and there will be issues with part quality as well.
* For unfilled polymer systems (polyethylenes), the die drool phenomenon is proportional to the extruder output, that is, to the shear stress on the wall at the end of the die, as shown by Chai et al.
Soon all he needed to do was ring a bell and the dogs began to drool, even if there wasn't any food.
Forestry Suppliers' 400-page catalog has plenty of tools to drool for.
Myrlene Hamilton in All I Need to Know About Ministry I Learned from Fly Fishing (Judson), "everyone wants to be the fly dancing in the surface film, making fish drool and onlookers turn green....
and Canadian brewers, contending that brands like Moose Drool and Moose Juice are infringing on its famed trademark.
This is a site that would make any e-business wannabe drool with envy.
But if this is truly a science project to drool over, your friends should be able to repeat the experiment exactly as you did.
But the entire show was a flimsy excuse to lust after Kylie - those two could drool for Britain.
However, he has kept intact 100 acres of 85-year-old trees--the kind of trees that make a log buyer drool.
Fortunately, the oily liquid is not terribly toxic to cats, but it has an unpleasant taste that can cause a cat to become agitated, drool and vomit.
Moosehead Breweries Ltd., a Canadian company, maintains consumers could be misled by the similarity in the name of the two companies' mainstay beers, Moosehead and Moose Drool.
I do not understand why people just will not look past a little drool. Well, okay, maybe a lot of drool.
Believe it or not, there are decent, singable hymns, and if the organist or song leader would start them in a key that's reachable for most in the congregation, we could match our Protestant friends, whose congregational singing often makes us drool with envy.
It is said to avoid drool and scorching at the nozzle by means of a pneumatic valve pin, a special moving runner bushing, and an air gap and cooling bushing that separate the cold runner from the hot mold.