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drone on

To talk at length in a monotone. If you keep droning on like this, you're going to put your audience to sleep. A: "The professor's already been droning on about polynomials for an hour." B: "Oh, so that's why I lost interest an hour ago!"
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drone out

To say something in a monotone. A noun or pronoun can be used between "drone" and "out." If you keep droning out information, you're going to put your audience to sleep.
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drone on (about someone or something)

to lecture or narrate in a low-pitched, dull, and boring manner. The dull old professor droned on about Byron—or was it Keats? It was Shelley and, yes, he did drone on.
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drone (something) out

to make a loud and low-pitched noise; to say something in a low-pitched and monotonous manner. The announcer droned the winning numbers out. She droned out the winning numbers.
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