drive (one) (a)round the bend

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drive (one) (a)round the bend

To annoy or frustrate one to the point of exasperation. A week on vacation with my relatives is enough to drive me around the bend. That loud beeping noise is driving me round the bend!
See also: bend, drive

drive someone around the bend

Fig. to make someone angry or very frustrated. This tax stuff is about to drive me around the bend. Gert will drive us all around the bend with her constant complaining.
See also: around, bend, drive

drive someone round the bend

If a situation or someone's behaviour drives you round the bend, it makes you extremely bored or angry. Can you make that tea before your fidgeting drives me completely round the bend?
See also: bend, drive, round, someone
References in periodicals archive ?
com is driving us round the bend - it's been voted the most annoying on TV.
The six year old is well behaved but the three year old is driving us round the bend.
I must point out, however, that he doesn't forget his manners even when he is driving us round the bend.
MY husband finally had a dreadful row with his mother who has been driving us round the bend for years.
Another declared: "The bloke behind this mad directive is driving us round the bend.
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