drive (something) into the ground

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drive (something) into the ground

1. To manage or maintain something very poorly, resulting in its destruction, failure, or loss of functionality. If you would just remember to get your oil changed, you wouldn't keep driving your cars into the ground. This is the fourth time he's walked away from a company he helped drive into the ground.
2. To continue to discuss or address some issue or topic that is no longer of any use or relevance; to belabor something. We've all moved on from that problem, so there's no use driving it into the ground. It was enough for him to chide me for the mistake once, but he drove it into the ground again and again over the next few weeks.
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drive/run/work yourself into the ˈground

work so hard that you become extremely tired: You need to be careful, or you’ll run yourself into the ground before long.With only two or three hours’ sleep a night, he was driving himself into the ground.
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/run into the ground
To belabor (an issue or a subject).
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Two men were seen driving into the ground in a white Ford flatbed truck and loading up seats, benches and bollards before driving off along the Coast Road in the direction of Sunderland.
The greatest need will be for strong stakes, pointed at one end for easy driving into the ground. Locate the stake(s) close to the plant, no taller than the plant, and set deeply enough into the soil to adequately provide support.
Her mother, Maria, was seen driving into the grounds of the property on Saturday.
Mum-of-one Liz was seen driving into the grounds in the morning while the smiling groom arrived at 3.15pm in a blue Bentley.
However, the plan has raised security fears after "comedy terrorist" Aaron Barschak walked into Prince William's 21st birthday at the castle in 2003 and the Sunday Mirror exposed lax security by driving into the grounds without a pass.
However, driving into the grounds we were greeted by the sight of a pond which was full of litter.