drive (one) (a)round the bend

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drive (one) (a)round the bend

To annoy or frustrate one to the point of exasperation. A week on vacation with my relatives is enough to drive me around the bend. That loud beeping noise is driving me round the bend!
See also: bend, drive

drive someone around the bend

Fig. to make someone angry or very frustrated. This tax stuff is about to drive me around the bend. Gert will drive us all around the bend with her constant complaining.
See also: around, bend, drive

drive someone round the bend

If a situation or someone's behaviour drives you round the bend, it makes you extremely bored or angry. Can you make that tea before your fidgeting drives me completely round the bend?
See also: bend, drive, round, someone
References in periodicals archive ?
While that may be out of reach, and the time off is driving him round the bend, he is well aware things could have been much worse.
KYLE BENEDICTUS admits his attempts to lose the L-plates are driving him round the bend.
His year-old property shudders and shakes - and the incessant traffic and construction noise is driving him round the bend.
Muamba, 19, admits his team-mates have been giving him L and driving him round the bend since his lap of dishonour at the karting.
He claimed celebrity status was driving him round the bend, that he couldn't park in his personal reserved bay at Asda Stevenage without being harassed for autographs.
Baffling road signs across Coventry were highlighted in an Evening Telegraph report last week, with frustrated driving instructor Terry Pearce pointing out all the signs driving him round the bend.