drive around

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drive around

1. To drive one to different places or sights. In this usage, a noun or pronoun is usually used between "drive" and "around." When I visited my dad in Philadelphia, he drove me around and showed me all of the historical sites. I had to drive around my mom to six different stores until she found what she was looking for.
2. To drive through different parts of an area. Our neighborhood was so congested tonight that I had to drive around for half an hour before I found a parking space.
3. To drive aimlessly. Ever since Jack got his license, he spends most of his free time just driving around with his friends.
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drive someone around something

to transport a person in a vehicle on a tour of something or some place. Fred will drive you around the city to see the sights. He spent an hour driving himself around town.
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drive something around something

1. . to steer or propel something around something. Wally drove the small car around the post easily. Please drive your truck around the corner carefully.
2. to go in a vehicle through different parts of a place. He drove his new car around town, hoping everyone would see it. We drove the car around the parade route twice so everyone could get a good look at it.
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SOMEONE was caught driving around in a car with no tax, no MOT, no insurance, no handbrake, bald tyres and a cracked windscreen.
THE West Midlands Police and Crime Commissioner has hopes that officers will be driving around in locally-made cars in future.
The sight of him driving around with a facial mask surely entertained many netizens who came upon it, although it was reported that the local police was nothing short of unimpressed.
A man, 19, has been arrested on suspicion of stealing an ambulance and driving around Cheonan.
He envisions a world where these self-driving carts would be driving around, ready to be called by avid shoppers with nothing but just their smartphones.
The New York Post reported that further talking about the case Moore said, "When she was in this state, they took her off in the car, driving around from 8 a.m.
When stopped by officers, the teenager from Burnfoot, Co Donegal, told them he was "using it for social purposes in that he was driving around the city centre to see if there were any women about".
It is simple now to drive around in a stolen car with false number plates because the car has been cloned, and someone somewhere is driving the legitimate motor, paying road tax and insurance, completely oblivious to at least one car or possibly more driving around Britain and they are the ones paying.
They were seen acting suspiciously, driving around the area between 3pm-6pm on Saturday, a spokesperson for the force said.
Summary: Dimapur (Nagaland) [India], June 28 (ANI): The 41 Assam Rifles division of the Indian Army on Wednesday arrested two individuals who had in their possession a pistol, one air gun, two live rounds of ammunition and were driving around in an unregistered car.
The final version of Firefly, the prototype experiment vehicle for Google's autonomous driving endeavours was rolled out back in 2014, and since then, has racked up a number of achievements including travelling to a different city, driving around for millions of miles, and driven around a legally blind person without any human backup or controls - thereby being the very first self-driving vehicle in Google's history.
Raiders are said to be driving around the area in a large vehicle fitted with hosepipes to drain the oil from large open tanks in the gardens in the middle of the night.
"What it looks like is we have someone just driving around, finding people and shooting them dead in their tracks," Matyas told CNN affiliate WOOD-TV.
"Driving around Newcastle in the rain but have seen a few cars with snow on roofs and bonnets." Donna Bartlett NEWS: Plans are to be drawn up to attract investment to Bedlington, which is soon to lose a Tesco supermarket.
According to there are still 8,176 original Minis driving around British roads whereas its unloved replacement, the Mini Metro, sold under the Austin and Rover brands, has fared less well with just 3,262 left.