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Safety--with the low moment of inertia of the hydraulic motor and the system controllability, it can go from driving mode to braking and stopping smoothly and very fast.
This model was developed to identify and test elements of driving ability and to diagnose the cause of driving problems through neuropsychological tests, behavioral observations, simulator evaluations, and behind-the-wheel testing.
Most of the literature on driving after brain injury focuses on studies of various neuropsychological and performance tests as predictors of a survivor's capacity to pass the state driving examination and to drive safely (e.
Sprint Nextel (NYSE: S), in partnership with the Florida Highway Patrol and the National Association of Secondary School Principals (NASSP), today announced the national kickoff of "Focus on Driving," a new drivers education program created by Sprint Nextel to educate teen drivers about the importance of attentive driving.
When you are behind the wheel of a car, driving must be your top priority," said Lonnie Taylor, vice president, state external affairs, Sprint Nextel.
This approach can assist older individuals to make informed driving choices, practice strategies to reduce risk, and, ultimately, reach a personal decision about driving cessation.
The University of Massachusetts Human Performance Laboratory contains an advanced driving simulator and associated state-of-the-art eye tracking equipment that have been used to study the behavior of younger and older drivers, the effect of in-vehicle technologies on driver performance (e.
More Driving - Teen drivers average 44 percent more hours
This is a recipe for disaster - young, inexperienced drivers spending more time behind the wheel, and engaging in the risky driving behaviors that lead to accidents, serious injuries and worse, deaths," said Paul Condrin, Liberty Mutual executive vice president and manager, Personal Market.
Whether you are just learning to drive or have been driving for decades, you need `tools of the road' -- specific techniques, knowledge and skills -- to survive increasingly complex driving environments, traffic patterns, vehicles and laws," said Mazor.
Driving Survival' is a reference book for everything from potentially dangerous situations, such as driving at night or handling breakdowns, to consumer information, such as buying a safer car or coping with road rage.
Probably one of the more interesting things we learned from this survey is that San Antonians favor both education and enforcement to affect the level of aggressive driving we're seeing in San Antonio," said Chief Al Philippus of the San Antonio Police Department.
Since that time, San Antonio traffic officers have distributed Traffic Education and Enforcement Cards to drivers exhibiting aggressive driving behaviors or receiving traffic citations for violations such as speeding, weaving in traffic, tailgating or running red lights.
information on drunk driving, road rage and defensive