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We were driven on to them from the open sea, but I and those who are with me escaped the jaws of death.'
As it is evident that my people have advised me wrongly, I will not cast you three people into the dreadful Garden of the Clinging Vines; but your animals must be driven into the Black Pit in the mountain, for my subjects cannot bear to have them around."
The Mangaboos surrounded them in solid ranks, but left an opening to the doorway of the hall; so the animals slowly retreated until they were driven from the room and out upon the street.
They tired Jim and Eureka out, and although the field of battle was thickly covered with mashed and disabled Mangaboos, our animal friends had to give up at last and allow themselves to be driven to the mountain.
A sense of depression swept over him as he was driven through the crowded streets towards Waterloo.
Reifenhauser's high-speed UFA III winder, integrated with Rockwell Automation's Control Logix PLC, controls tension by means of sensor data from the motor and three to seven driven rollers linked by a fieldbus.
Meanwhile, driven by a trend in the enterprise to consolidate storage arrays, rack servers and blade servers, we now have the first 2.5-inch hard drives for enterprise applications.
"In order to adapt it to a vehicle," says American Axle's Bellanti, "there has to be enough room around the steering gear, catalyst and front subframe to fit the requisite power take-offs and other driveline bits necessary for the transformation to all-wheel-drive." The other limiting factors--imagination and budget, according to Bellanti--are driven by space limitations, but often have an outsized effect on whether or not AWD is adopted on current platforms.