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drive in(to)

1. To enter a particular place or thing while driving. Turn left and then drive into the parking garage.
2. To hit someone or something while driving. That guy fell asleep at the wheel and drove into a crowd of people at the parade. I lost control of my car and drove into a row of shopping carts.
3. To force something into another material or substance by hitting it. In this usage, a noun or pronoun can be used between "drive" and "in" or "into." To drive this nail into the wall, you really need to put some muscle behind it.
4. In baseball, to hit the ball and cause a runner (or runners) to score. In this usage, a noun or pronoun can be used between "drive" and "in." And with that triple, Green drove in two runs.
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1. noun An outdoor movie theater in which people sit in their cars in front of a large screen. This phrase can also be used as an adjective to describe such a theater. I wish there were more drive-ins around here—watching a movie in your car with your family can be a lot of fun.
2. noun A restaurant where food (usually fast food) is served to patrons while they sit in their cars. Let's go get a burger at the drive-in.
3. adjective Describing the part of a business designed to serve customers seated in their cars. Here's the order for the guy who's waiting at the drive-in window.
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drive in (to something)

to enter something or some place by driving. She drove right into the garage and stopped the car before she realized that she was not at her own house. She drove in and looked around.
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But those who grew up watching movies in their cars surely have memories as warm as the summer they first checked out a local drive-in.
The new Sonic Drive-In in Wasilla is being developed by Larry Clark, longtime Wasilla resident and business owner, and Cameron Johnson, a Wasilla native and local developer.
The low cost and widespread availability of land had also facilitated the post-war growth of drive-ins. By 1951, drive-in theatre capacity ranged from 200 to 2,000 vehicles located on three to thirty acres of land (Luther, 1951).
The event will be held September 30, 2017 at Delsea Drive-In, in Vineland, NJ.
According to Deborah Belisle, vice president of operations at Your Neighborhood Theaters (the company that runs the Rustic), it is a challenge for all theaters, not just drive-ins, to compete with Netflix, iPhones and other media.
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A nostalgic look back to the '60s, when surfer dudes went to drive-ins and met pretty girls and he sang "with my brothers".
According to officials at the Countryside, Ill-based manufacturer, the Super Patty Machine is found in more restaurants, supermarkets, drive-ins, small locker plants, and institutions than any other patty machine.
Jim Craven, director of operations for PAC NW Drive-Ins confirmed that Sonic Drive-In will open this summer in Wenatchee.
A few months later, South Liverpool Housing did everyone with double gate drive-ins free of charge.
John Ridgway has sold his interest in five Little Rock and one North Little Rock Sonic Drive-Ins and is owning an upscale pizzeria in west Little Rock with Kevin Johnson, who also has Sonic ties.
Roadsides: Images of the American Landscape is both a black-and-white photography collection and a nostalgia tour of diners and cafes, bowling alleys and bars, drive-ins and motels across America.
In the rearview mirror of pop culture, drive-ins were mostly about those fogged-up windows.