drive around

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drive around

1. To drive one to different places or sights. In this usage, a noun or pronoun is usually used between "drive" and "around." When I visited my dad in Philadelphia, he drove me around and showed me all of the historical sites. I had to drive around my mom to six different stores until she found what she was looking for.
2. To drive through different parts of an area. Our neighborhood was so congested tonight that I had to drive around for half an hour before I found a parking space.
3. To drive aimlessly. Ever since Jack got his license, he spends most of his free time just driving around with his friends.
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drive someone around something

to transport a person in a vehicle on a tour of something or some place. Fred will drive you around the city to see the sights. He spent an hour driving himself around town.
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drive something around something

1. . to steer or propel something around something. Wally drove the small car around the post easily. Please drive your truck around the corner carefully.
2. to go in a vehicle through different parts of a place. He drove his new car around town, hoping everyone would see it. We drove the car around the parade route twice so everyone could get a good look at it.
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Our dad would drive us around the city or residential villages, point out things and say, 'Look at this building, observe how it's on the corner so there's commercial value on more than just one side,' or 'Look at that house, see how it's facing east so it is facing the sun in the morning and not in the afternoon,' or 'Notice how that building is designed-the design is such that years from now, it won't look dated and old.'
"We've been offered free accommodation from locals in the area and someone has even offered to drive us around when we come down," she said.
For some, it means a world in which robots take care of our sick, fly and drive us around safely, stock our fridges, plan our holidays, and do hazardous jobs humans should not or will not do.
But leave the elderly alone or we will have to ask our wives to drive us around.
We can't afford this magnificent machine, Dounia, but would you drive us around the block in it?
Abu Dhabi - Come Saturday and dozens of Abu Dhabi residents will gather at the city centre to give away a bottle of water and thank the men who clean our streets, drive us around or build our city.
When we get to those places on tour we have people who drive us around and take us sightseeing.
Our grandfather decided to drive us around in the hope that we, the future generation, would realise the futile results of war."
And, million dollars or not, Supra did grant Lizard's request for an RV to drive us around the Southwestern United States.
If I go to Saudi Arabia and walk around in the streets with a can of Budweiser or let my girlfriend drive us around, I'm going to get into big trouble.
Wanting to give us a real feel for the place soon after we arrived, Ricardo was keen to drive us around the cactus-studded island.
Our mother would drive us around and we would collect the bottles in big bags.
Paul said: "I had to give an airport porter a backhander to drive us around to our minibus.
"She would drive us around the pubs in Dublin and up the mountains and we would go in and collect crap-loads of money, hundreds of quid every week."
Franco had agreed to drive us around, to see the surrounding countryside and stock up on provisions, for 15 euros an hour, a terrific bargain.