force to the wall

(redirected from drive to the wall)

force someone to the wall

 and drive someone to the wall
Fig. to push someone to an extreme position; to put someone into an awkward position. He wouldn't tell the truth until we forced him to the wall. They don't pay their bills until you drive them to the wall.
See also: force, wall
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A day after he was unable to come up with a drive to the wall by the Chicago White Sox's Tadahito Iguchi, Anderson tracked down a Paul Konerko smash on nearly the same line in the second inning.
Finish last few feet with head down and drive to the wall.
Chavez hit a drive to the wall in deep center field, where Darin Erstad made the catch.
DETROIT - Center fielder Darin Erstad knew he had a long way to go to catch Bobby Higginson's drive to the wall in right-center field Saturday afternoon.
Martinez slid awkwardly into third after his drive to the wall in left-center and got up grinning.