drive crazy

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drive (one) crazy

1. To upset, irritate, or annoy one to the point of distraction. It drives me crazy seeing all these people just staring at their phones all day long. Would you stop shouting, you're driving me crazy!
2. To cause one to become unhinged, insane, or mentally unstable. All that pressure finally drove Steve crazy in the end. You kids are going to drive me crazy one of these days with all your arguing.
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drive someone crazy

 and drive someone insane; drive someone mad 
1. . Lit. to force someone into a state of insanity or mental instability. The sound of the wind howling drove me crazy. The dog's constant barking drove me insane.
2. Fig. to annoy or irritate someone. This itch is driving me crazy. All these telephone calls are driving me mad.
See also: crazy, drive
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Rye fields drift on a summer's breeze Your long corn coloured hair Moves with flowing ease Like your mind without a care The early morning sun Catches your long blonde mane You are so much fun It is me who you drive insane Your hair is lighter than a dove Will you please take my hand in marriage, and be my mate We will shine like the stars above Let us bond and be as one that God did create You are like my temple To whom I do pray Your passionate lips make me so capable From you I will never stray Your eyes are so warm and kind With you I have found love forever You are a diamond that I did find With your high I.
A veritable obstacle course designed to drive insane all but the obsessively politically correct.
Young Tim just wants a 10-speed bike but the effort he expends kicking against the pricks - brother, parents, teachers - is enough to drive insane even the healthiest among us.
Intransigent bureaucracies, arrogant senators, bumptious defense attorneys, md right-wing judges could drive insane even the most hardened prosecutors, yet Walsh perseveres.