drive home

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drive home

1. verb To return home by car. When do you plan to drive home from the party?
2. verb To drive someone to their house. In this usage, a noun or pronoun can be used between "drive" and "home." Can any of you guys drive me home after the student council meeting? I'll drive her home, don't worry, Mrs. Smith.
3. verb To emphasize something. In this usage, a noun or pronoun can be used between "drive" and "home." The nightly news always drives home the presence of danger in our city and makes my anxiety worse.
4. noun The ride to one's house. You can sleep on the drive home—it'll take five hours, after all. The traffic jam made my drive home twice as long as normal.
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drive something home

(to someone) Fig. to emphasize an important point about something (to someone). The teacher repeated the point three times just to drive it home. I hope this really drives the importance of safety home to you. The accident drove home the importance of wearing seatbelts to everyone concerned.
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drive home

Make clearly understood, make a point, as in The network news programs drive home the fact that violence is part of urban life. This expression uses the verb drive in the sense of "force by a blow or thrust" (as in driving a nail). Samuel Hieron used it in Works (1607): "That I may ... drive home the nail of this exhortation even to the head."
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drive/hammer something ˈhome (to somebody)

make sure that somebody understands something completely, for example by repeating it often: The instructor tried to drive home to us the need for safety precautions before diving.Police used statistics to hammer home their warning about car theft.
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If you had any legitimate concerns about his ability to drive the carriage there is no way you would have let him drive home," he told the investigating office.
Plenty of color photos drive home the points and add interest.
The band is the brainchild of artist-turned-musician Andy Fung, and they finished recording new album The Drive Home last year.
In Ingrown Tyrone, the exploits of a young African-American boy learning to take proper care of himself and respect himself are presented with dazzling, jump-off-the-page full color illustrations meant to captivate the eye and drive home the story.
Would ya believe we misspelled it on purpose to drive home the point that there's no such thing as the perfect guy?
This was a healthy year for the Hamptons real estate market, particularly on the East End, and it finished in a very strong fashion," stated Cook Pony Farm vice president Judi Desiderio, who pointed to "interest rates at 30-year lows" as an important factor that helped drive home sales in 2002.
The attorney for Richard Garcia says that in February 1999, Richard, then 16, was obviously intoxicated when police encountered him trying to sneak into a girl's window and told him to drive home.
Most of the shows with "guest" celebrities drive home the point that actors are just people who are paid to pretend.
Whether describing his gay sexual awakening or his being HIV-positive, Campbell always has a punchy, poignant car anecdote to, ahem, drive home his point.
There are parts where the sounds become completely unrealistic, like the jungle sounds in the club during the day and certainly Francis' drive home with Tracey [Sarah Polley] at night; there's a very stylized sound that forces the viewer's attitude to what is going on.
Smithey continued, pointing to the dramatic and rapid shifts occurring in securities trading that require technology for control and performance and that "nothing can drive home this message better than what happens at a NASCAR race.
26, 2015 /PRNewswire/ -- America's Car Museum (ACM) announced today that Michelin and Coker Tire will ride along as the Official Tire Sponsors of The Drive Home, an 11-day road rally from Tacoma, Washington, and ending in Detroit to coincide with the opening of the 2016 North American International Auto Show.
Concerns have been raised following the deaths of 17 police officers across the UK since 2003, who all fell asleep at the wheel on the drive home after finishing a night shift.
MILLIONS OF people drive home tired after flying long-haul, posing a serious risk of accidents, according to research.
He said the city could save thousands of dollars by changing the policy, noting some department heads drive home out of state daily.