drive back to

drive (one) back to (someone)

To impel someone to return to someone else, such as a former lover or spouse. An intense feeling of longing during their trial separation is what drove her back to her husband.
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drive someone back to someone

to force someone to return to someone, such as a spouse, lover, parent, etc. Her bad experience with her new friend drove her back to her husband. Being homeless was no fun, and soon Wally was driven back to his parents.
See also: back, drive, to
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Airport-bound traffic from Thika Superhighway through Outering Road will take the service all the way to Garden City overpass then turn right and drive back to access Outering Road.
Get your motorcycle, drive back to Los Santos Customs, Pause, open the Xbox Games Store, then exit the Xbox Games Store.
However, as Webber then failed to drive back to the pit lane under the car's own power and provide a fuel sample as required by F1 rules, the FIA has been left with no choice but to penalise him.
| RUDY Gestede will continue his drive back to full fitness when he plays for Cardiff City's development team at Brentford on Monday (2pm).
The event included recreational activities including target shooting and an archery competition as well as lunch at the Hatta Fort Hotel, before the drive back to Dubai along a different route.
McCormack had to drive back to Cardiff from Suffolk, knowing that City boss Dave Jones wants to sell him.
Next was Orlando for the tradeshow crap and nearer to the inevitable drive back to San Diego.
He robbed a house in Longforgan, Perthshire, and stole a car to drive back to the prison and then climbed in a window.
with still a 30-minute drive back to the base camp.
London Society referees Peter Kelly and Paul Knowles must have had plenty to discuss on their drive back to the capital last Saturday.
The pair began arguing and Sutton decided to drive back to her parents' home.
Alan was right to drive back to Dublin, even though he must have been in terrible pain.
On the drive back to New York City, I shared my concerns with a fellow passenger who knows my grandma.
Now, our workers must drive 25 miles to pick up a truck, drive back to town and do a route, return the truck to the remote site, and then drive back home.