drive a wedge between (someone or something)

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drive a wedge between (someone or something)

To cause discord between two people or things. I used to be close friends with Tiffany, but once she started dating my ex-boyfriend, it really drove a wedge between us.
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drive a wedge between

someone and someone else Fig. to cause people to oppose one another or turn against one another. The argument drove a wedge between Mike and his father.
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drive a wedge between someone and someone

COMMON If someone or something drives a wedge between people who are close, they cause bad feelings between them and this causes the relationship to fail. This was all part of his plan to separate me from my daughter and drive a wedge between us. His aim was to destabilize the country by driving a wedge between the people and their government.
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drive a wedge between A and B

make two people become less friendly or loving towards each other: The disagreements over money finally drove a wedge between them, and they ended up getting divorced.
A wedge is a piece of wood, metal, etc. with one thick end and one thin pointed end that you use to keep two things apart or to split wood or rock.
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References in classic literature ?
But we had not gone perhaps above a hundred yards, when chancing to turn a corner, and looking back as I did so, who should be seen but Elijah following us, though at a distance.
Where they once dug for money, But never found any; Where sometimes Martial Miles Singly files, And Elijah Wood, I fear for no good: No other man, Save Elisha Dugan-- O man of wild habits, Partridges and rabbits Who hast no cares Only to set snares, Who liv'st all alone, Close to the bone And where life is sweetest Constantly eatest.
I am in the Sixth Reader but just because I cannot say the seven multiplication Table Miss Dearborn threttens to put me in the baby primer class with Elijah and Elisha Simpson little twins.
Elijah Gryce abounded in military metaphors and in denunciations of militarism.
But the Prophet Elijah came to him there and read his fate to him, and the fate of Jezebel; and said that in the place where dogs licked the blood of Naboth, dogs should also lick his blood--and he said, likewise, the dogs should eat Jezebel by the wall of Jezreel.
At one in the morning he saw Elijah Davis herding Henry Finn and Joe Hines, the lumber-jack, toward the door.
But the question had been put in fun, and Elijah ignored the acceptance.
Then you'd best be gettin' to bed," Elijah advised.
Him thought he by the brook of Cherith stood, And saw the ravens with their horny beaks Food to Elijah bringing even and morn-- Though ravenous, taught to abstain from what they brought; He saw the Prophet also, how he fled Into the desert, and how there he slept Under a juniper--then how, awaked, He found his supper on the coals prepared, And by the Angel was bid rise and eat, And eat the second time after repose, The strength whereof sufficed him forty days: Sometimes that with Elijah he partook, Or as a guest with Daniel at his pulse.
Next spring the bare places are to be filled with trees that I have ordered: pines behind the delicate acacias, and startling mountain-ashes, oaks, copper-beeches, maples, larches, juniper-trees--was it not Elijah who sat down to rest under a juniper-tree?