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drip in(to) (something)

1. To slowly trickle into something, as of a liquid. There must be something wrong with the faucet because water is still dripping into the sink.
2. To slowly trickle something into something. Just drip the food coloring into the cake batter so that you don't add too much of it.
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drip with (something)

1. Literally, to be overly saturated with some liquid. The dryer must be broken because the clothes were still dripping with water when I took them out. If you let him, Billy will add syrup to his pancakes until they're dripping with it.
2. By extension, to clearly display some quality or attitude. This usage is usually used to describe one's speech. Well, I don't believe her because her voice was dripping with sarcasm when she said it.
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drip in

(to something ) [for a liquid] to fall into something drop by drop. The water dripped into the bowl we had put under the leak. Is the water still dripping in the bathtub?
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drip something into something

 and drip something in
to make something fall into something drop by drop. Alice dripped a little candle wax into the base of the candlestick. Don't pour it all into the jar. Drip in a little at a time.
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drip with something

1. . Lit. to be heavy or overloaded with something to the point of overflowing. The foliage dripped with the heavy morning dew. Her clothing dripped with seawater as she climbed back onto the deck.
2. Fig. [for someone's speech] to show certain states of mind or attitudes. Her voice dripped with sarcasm. The old lady's voice dripped with sweetness and affection.
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n. an oaf; a nerd. Bob is a drip, I guess, but he’s harmless.
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So within an hour of having the drip, all the vitamins and minerals have passed through in your urine, and sometimes in a matter of minutes.
When her friend asked if she wanted to go along to a day spa, Nicky noticed the vitamin drip on the treatment list.
With the Fuso International's drip coffee bag packaging machine, FPG-T1, and packaging materials provided by Nasa Corporation, the ground coffee is packed into drip coffee bags and individually over-wrapped in envelopes.
If I am right about the drips in Blue Poles, Pollock must have painted it on a vertical canvas, using runny paint, at least in part, the way Mitchell was to do.
Maintain accurate Materials Data Safety Sheets (MSDS) on your drip fluids.
Instead, by using the DRiP shortcut, the immune system can initiate countermeasures while the foreign proteins are still being produced," conclude Hansjorg Schild and Hans-Georg Rammensee of the Institute for Cell Biology in Tubingen, Germany, in an accompanying commentary.
Moreover, Greenberg's best-known contribution to Pollock commentary, the characterization of the drip paintings in terms of alloverness, isn't wholly fortunate.
Observing how a liquid drips from a nozzle may provide insights into what happens in more complicated situations when something splits, says physicist Sidney R.
You can even join a DSPP or DRIP through the Internet.
DRIPs are offered by companies as a way to buy stock directly from the company in various amounts on a monthly or quarterly basis.
Rather than pay out dividends, DRIPs automatically reinvest your stock dividends to purchase more company shares.
These direct stock-purchase programs are enhanced versions of dividend reinvestment plans or DRIPs.
Charles Carlson looks at a couple of stock-split candidates in his portfolio, and writes about two other DRIPs that you may want to consider.
The fast-food chain is among a growing list of companies that are bypassing brokers through dividend reinvestment plans, or DRIPs.
DRIPS aren't just a cheap way to buy stock; because they're offered by some of the biggest blue-chip companies, they're ideal for long-haul savers.