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constant dripping wears away a stone

proverb Success is earned through persistence and determination. My swing only got better after I started practicing it every day, so I guess it's true that constant dripping wears away a stone.

constant dropping wears away a stone

proverb Success is earned through persistence and determination. My swing only got better after I started practicing it every day, so I guess it's true that constant dropping wears away a stone.

drip in

To slowly trickle some kind of liquid into something. A noun or pronoun can be used between "drip" and "in." Just drip the food coloring in so that you don't add too much of it. I dripped in the melted butter a little bit at a time, until it was emulsified with the egg yolks completely.
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drip in(to) (something)

1. To slowly trickle into something, as of a liquid. There must be something wrong with the faucet because water is still dripping into the sink.
2. To slowly trickle something into something. Just drip the food coloring into the cake batter so that you don't add too much of it.
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drip with (something)

1. Literally, to be overly saturated with some liquid. The dryer must be broken because the clothes were still dripping with water when I took them out. If you let him, Billy will add syrup to his pancakes until they're dripping with it.
2. By extension, to clearly display some quality or attitude. This usage is usually used to describe one's speech. Well, I don't believe her because her voice was dripping with sarcasm when she said it.
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silo drippings

1. dated slang Homemade alcohol, especially that which is distilled from corn. My uncle had an operation in the backwoods making silo drippings for him and his friends.
2. dated slang Alcohol that is obtained by tapping into a silo in which grain is stored and has begun to ferment. Apparently, some of those who were hospitalized had become ill by drinking silo drippings as a way of getting free alcohol.
3. dated slang Any low-quality alcohol, especially liquor or beer. Gimme a glass of your cheapest silo drippings, Johnny!
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Constant dropping wears away a stone,

 and Constant dripping wears away a stone.
Prov. Persistence accomplishes things. Jill: How did you get Fred to give you a raise? Jane: I just kept asking him for it every week. Constant dropping wears away a stone.

drip in

(to something ) [for a liquid] to fall into something drop by drop. The water dripped into the bowl we had put under the leak. Is the water still dripping in the bathtub?
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silo drippings

n. alcohol allegedly obtained at the base of a silo containing fermenting corn. The old-timer called his moonshine “silo drippings.”
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The rain had ceased, but everything around us was dripping with moisture.
She stood in the middle of the room, moisture dripping from her to the floor as she looked him over.
'Yes, that is a man!' thought she, getting her dripping boot off with difficulty.
Suddenly she heard the sound of something dripping. She looked down and saw that blood was flowing from his hand and down his cassock.
Here's how: melt 3 tablespoons drippings in frying pan, add H cup chopped onion, 1/2 cup chopped green pepper, 2 cups ground leftover beef (or pork or lamb) and brown lightly.
One of the most important things to have when making gravy is the drippings from the turkey.
For its intense, triple-decker poultry flavor from turkey giblets, chicken broth, and turkey drippings. Giblets and neck from a 10-to 24-lb.
introduces its new line of Pan Drippings Flavors, a line of free-flowing powder flavorings.
With the ancient face-cream recipe in hand, the researchers synthesized their own knockoff using beef drippings and cornflower from a local supermarket, plus tin oxide from a chemical company.
Even the discourse that could connect photography to painting seems forgotten, so that a near-photorealistic modulation of specific forms can be augmented by drippings, elements of free drawing, or comic schematizations.
We ate eggs every morning with bacon or sausage, meat for lunch, and meat again for dinner, invariably accompanied by gravy or at least pan drippings. We buttered everything from broccoli to brownies, and would have buttered butter itself if it were not for the problems of traction presented by the butter-butter interface.
Don't add pan drippings to sauces or basting liquids.
Developing what could be seen as an idiosyncratic vocabulary of materials (styrofoam, candies, w ax drippings, cardboard) and concerns (architecture/sculpture, chance accumulations/grids), Konitz pitches her formal investigations to allow her work to resonate poetically ("taco stand" connotes something with a make-shift relation to a restaurant; stand suggests something family-run, not Taco Bell).
While the roast rests, use the pan with drippings to make a sauce.
Although the scientists haven't measured its levels in the drippings, Zabik says it's reasonable to expect that's where the fat-stored chemical ends up--so don't feed carp drippings to your cat.