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MEDICAL ES NOT THE LATEST HEALTH PRODUCTS AND NEWS FIZZY DRINK IN THE FIRING LINE FIZZY drinks have never exactly been a subject of praise - but usually it's the likes of rotting teeth and hidden sugar that they're chastised for, which makes the latest headlines all the more alarming.
The consumption of energy drinks is a common trend among youth, which is increasing at a constant rate.
The rise in organic launches comes as consumers show strong interest in more natural energy drinks. One in four (26%) U.S.
"Consumption of soft drinks during orthodontic treatment puts teeth at risk of decay due to the acid attack on enamel," says Dr.
Groups That Are More Likely to Drink Also More Likely to Say It's Healthy
"From a review of the literature, it would appear that concerns in the scientific community and among the public regarding the potential adverse health effects of the increased consumption of energy drinks are broadly valid," write the authors.
Energy drinks are defined as "drinks containing caffeine, taurine, carbohydrates, glucuronolactone, inositol, niacin, pantanol, and B vitamins as well as proprietary substances.1-4
Doctors in the Netherlands ran an 18-month study to determine if children who consume sugar-sweetened drinks gain more weight than matched children given sugar-free drinks.
If you love sweet drinks, check out the list of ready-to-drink sweetened drinks that attract the new duty.
Experts stressed that the findings did not prove that sugary drinks, including natural fruit juice, caused cancer, and that more research was needed.
[ClickPress, Wed Apr 17 2019] The legalization of recreational marijuana usage in Canada and USA has provided a new market with the discovery of Cannabis-infused Drinks Market .
Summary: New Delhi [India] Mar 18 (ANI): Here's another reason to cut down those sugar-sweetened drinks from your daily diet.
IT seems totally logical that swapping sugar-laden fizzy drinks for diet ones is much better for you.
Summary: The UAE had implemented a 100% VAT on energy drinks in 2017.