drink, laugh, shout, etc. yourself silly

drink (oneself) silly

To drink alcohol to a point of extreme intoxication. Of course you don't remember last night at the bar—you drank yourself silly!
See also: drink, silly

laugh (oneself) silly

To laugh uproariously, hysterically, or uncontrollably. I love getting together with my childhood friends because we always seem to laugh ourselves silly.
See also: laugh, silly

shout (oneself) silly

To shout extensively, perhaps until one can no longer shout. Fred lost his voice after shouting himself silly at the football game last night.
See also: shout, silly
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ˌdrink, ˌlaugh, ˌshout, etc. yourself ˈsilly

(informal) drink, laugh, shout, etc. so much that you cannot behave in a sensible way: Everyone was too busy laughing themselves silly to notice her quietly leave the room.
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