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If you love sweet drinks, check out the list of ready-to-drink sweetened drinks that attract the new duty.
Researchers who followed data on more than 100,000 people also found that among women, sugary drinks increased the risk of breast cancer by 22 per cent.
Frequently drinking sugar-sweetened drinks, such as sodas and sports drinks, was associated with an increased risk of death from cardiovascular diseases and, to a lesser extent, cancers, according to new research published in Circulation: Journal of the American Heart Association.
It's clear that 11 kinds of sweeteners approved for use in the EU are safe for use in everyday food & drink
The RIVM study is in line with the current advice from the Netherlands Nutrition Center on energy drinks for 13 to 18-years-olds: Preferably, do not drink energy drinks at all or do not drink more than one can per day.
In total, 605 students completed the survey which included measures of energy drink and alcohol consumption, health behaviors, and demographics.
According to the Dietary Guidelines for Americans, which are intended to help individuals improve and maintain overall health and reduce chronic disease risk, moderate drinking is defined as up to 1 drink per day for women and up to 2 drinks per day for men.
'More than half of all the boys who drink also smoke or use drugs,' disclosed the findings of the study which focused on adolescent drinking, smoking and drug use.
In examining data from two large epidemiological surveys, researchers found that in 2012-2013, 39 percent of adult men and 27 percent of adult women reported level 1 binge drinking--or four to seven drinks in a single occasion for women and five to nine drinks for men --in the prior year.
New research has found that drinking just one diet drink a day can treble your chances of developing dementia, or having a stroke, compared to people who only drink one diet beverage a week.
Results: From the sample of 358 female students, 337 attempted the questionnaire from which 274 students were identified as energy drink consumers.
Research from Mintel revealed standout results for global energy drink innovation.
"It's tempting to reach for soft drinks. People around us drink them regularly, they are easily purchased in vending machines and at convenience stores, and many are heavily advertised," says Morris N.
Below are a few fun drinking (http://www.buzzfeed.com/joannaborns/thanksgiving-drinking-game#.rcE0Rgq1w) games to play with family or friends this turkey day, but remember to drink responsibly and find a designated driver if you need to travel.
Parents' beliefs about the healthfulness of sugary drink options: opportunities to address misperceptions.