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At the end of the reel, Elam Harnish called the house up to drink again.
Why, then, did I have to beg you so hard to make you drink it?
When the undertakers come for him, he drinks the medicine and feels better.
that I must caution you against having too many impulses from the drink, and getting hung before your time.
Most adults remember taking their first drink at a young age; for some, getting drunk was a rite of passage.
Statistics show that the vast majority of adults who drink do so safely and responsibly.
Most of Gallup's 1,001 interviewees said they were not moved to drink by the news about alcohol and health, but consider what happened in November 1991 after "60 Minutes" aired a Morley Safer report on the so-called "French Paradox.
You sweat, you get thirsty, you drink a glass of water.
with one court ordering a permanent injunction to prohibit ``establishments from passing off any non-Red Bull drink as Red Bull,'' Patrice Radden, spokeswoman for Red Bull, said in an e-mail.
To assess the relationship between preconception binge drinking and unintended pregnancy, and to identify characteristics of women who binge drink in the preconception period, researchers analyzed data from 15 states participating in the Pregnancy Risk Assessment Monitoring System for the years 1996-1999.
Downing a cocktail or other alcoholic drink at least three to four times a week appears to substantially cut a man's risk of heart attack, Boston-area researchers reported in early January.
Only with Madelon Powers' recent Faces Along the Bar and, to a lesser extent, Catherine Gilbert Murdock's Domesticating Drink, though, have historians of the saloon drawn on the new scholarship on the development of nineteenth-century manhood.
And every drop was a missed opportunity to drink low-fat milk, orange juice, or other beverages that could help cut the risk of osteoporosis, heart disease, stroke, and cancer.
A drink by any name would be tasty, but would it be as tempting?