drill in(to) (someone or something)

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drill in(to) (someone or something)

1. Literally, to bore into or pierce something. Unfortunately, we need to drill into the ground to try to find the burst pipe.
2. To teach something through repetition. In this usage, a noun or pronoun is used between "drill" and "in." When I was a kid, the times tables were simply drilled into us.
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drill someone in something

to give someone practice in something. Now, I am going to drill you in irregular verbs. The teacher drilled the students in the use of the passive.
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drill in (to something)

to bore into or penetrate something. The worker drilled into the wall in three places. Please don't drill into the wall here, where it will show.
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drill something into someone or something

 and drill something in
Fig. to force knowledge into someone or something Learn this stuff! Drill it into your brain. Drill in this information so you know it by heart!
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drill into

1. To penetrate some surface by boring: The geologist drilled into the Earth's crust.
2. To teach or inculcate something to someone by constant, intense repetition: The teacher drilled the multiplication tables into the bored students. The teacher tried to drill into our heads the capital of every country.
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One of the things that has been drilled into us is that it's a team game it doesn't matter about individual performances, as long as we win and get the goals in.
WHEN MY BROTHERS and I started hunting deer, our dad's instructions were drilled into us.
The gaffer's drilled into us about getting the ball down and playing and I think everyone is comfortable with that," said against Leicester were brilliant, and the lads that came on did just as well.
To be fair to him, it got so monotonous that we started doing it naturally on the pitch as it was drilled into us.
The one thing that didn't split us was the "M" word (manners) - drilled into us like the Ten Commandments with "please and thank you" chiselled in stone at number one.
We all know to put our trust in the professionals; it's drilled into us as we grow up.
But it's been very much drilled into us that we've only won two Tests in 12 months.
But still it was drilled into us about the significance of the Leaving Cert, the importance of doing well so we could make good lives for ourselves.
Club captain Will Welch echoed Russell's belief that the changes will not negatively impact on Newcastle, saying: "We have been having 'crouch, touch, set' drilled into us all week at scrum-time.
It was absolutely drilled into us that it was for God--and only God--to judge the state of a person's soul.
Basic principles, on and off the pitch, were really, really drilled into us.
As an ex-member of the British Armed Forces, I have seen my fair share of action and it was drilled into us that the foot, and indeed the body, were vital and sacred to one's survival while undertaking missions of national importance.
The manager had drilled into us the importance of set pieces and getting our heads to them first.
Richard Hess, now an attorney, says, "it was drilled into us from Day 1 that you examined your biases and inclinations.
The manager and the staff have drilled into us that they don't want to be second best and hopefully we can have a strong second half to the season.