drill in(to) (someone or something)

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drill in(to) (someone or something)

1. Literally, to bore into or pierce something. Unfortunately, we need to drill into the ground to try to find the burst pipe.
2. To teach something through repetition. In this usage, a noun or pronoun is used between "drill" and "in." When I was a kid, the times tables were simply drilled into us.
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drill someone in something

to give someone practice in something. Now, I am going to drill you in irregular verbs. The teacher drilled the students in the use of the passive.
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drill in (to something)

to bore into or penetrate something. The worker drilled into the wall in three places. Please don't drill into the wall here, where it will show.
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drill something into someone or something

 and drill something in
Fig. to force knowledge into someone or something Learn this stuff! Drill it into your brain. Drill in this information so you know it by heart!
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drill into

1. To penetrate some surface by boring: The geologist drilled into the Earth's crust.
2. To teach or inculcate something to someone by constant, intense repetition: The teacher drilled the multiplication tables into the bored students. The teacher tried to drill into our heads the capital of every country.
See also: drill
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In Canada, Pioneer plans a 50-well program, primarily focused on winter-access areas in northern Alberta and British Columbia and plans to complete the tie-in of approximately 40 wells in the Horseshoe Canyon area that were drilled in 2006.
At Siphon, the 100% working interest well drilled in December 2003 at a cost to the Company of C$1.
Additional development wells in the An Nagyah pool are expected to be drilled in the third and fourth quarters of 2004 and into 2005.
A total of 59 (29 net) wells are scheduled to be drilled in Appalachia during the fourth quarter.
The next well, 49/23-9, which proved the reserve, was drilled in 1998 by the BP Amoco-operated Bessemer group.
This brings our total to 11 wells drilled in the project since initiation in August of last year.