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Some type of filling may have been placed in drilled holes, which would have exposed sensitive tooth areas, the researchers suggest.
Leasing is complete on six prospects, one of which has been drilled.
Based on the successful completion of the Weyerhaeuser #5-22 well drilled in the Arkoma Basin during the third quarter, the company elected to participate in the Weyerhaeuser #6-22, an offset exploratory well currently completing.
0 net) operated, HCBM wells were successfully drilled in the Hartshorne coal in Haskell and Pittsburg counties.
The second prospect to be drilled is the Lapos prospect, which targets a Sarmatian sand on the plunging nose of an anticline with the depth of the first well at approximately 1,600 meters (5,200 feet).
The Permian division drilled 58 wells in the third quarter.
Seven Rivers Queen, Lea County, New Mexico - The Company drilled two new development wells and re-fraced five existing wells in the third quarter.
The company owns leasehold interests in approximately 60,000 gross acres in its core drilling area located along the northern shelf of the Anadarko Basin in Oklahoma where it has drilled about 70 wells.
Of the twenty-eight (28) wells drilled to date, eleven (11) have been placed online as oil producers and one (1) as a water injection well.
For the first half of the year, Range has drilled 479 (345 net) wells and recompleted 42 (35 net) others.
This drilling will include a north and an east offset to the recently completed Garnet State #1-27 well drilled on the company's 5,760 gross acre Glacier Prospect located in Harper County, Oklahoma.
Whittier Energy Corporation (NASDAQ:WHIT) today announced a drilling success rate of 88% for wells drilled since January 1, 2006.
The John Parker #1 well will be drilled to a middle Bossier target with an estimated total depth of 17,500 feet.
During the quarter, Range's Appalachian division drilled 149 (106 net) wells in its tight sandstone and coal bed methane properties, achieving a 100% success rate.