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Supported by a plinky, staccato piano introduction, a drifty oceanic guitar and a beautiful, if repetitive, chorus, Ashcroft's voice lilts on the cusp this track in a desperate plea (possibly for a few more lyrics).
That's a shame because songs such as We Can Be Strong emerge somewhere in unplugged laidback Layla territory, despite a great guest vocal by Roseanne Cash, and drifty I Can't Sleep is a poor man's Nick Drake.
Dressed in high-heeled Spanish boots, black shades, wide-wale corduroy pants and love beads, he jams on some drifty songs with a live band and sells contraband goods from under the hood of his Volkwagen Beetle (a bug with "love" emblazoned across it).
The new album is no exception with a dozen drifty ditties that prove pleasant but leave no lasting impression whatsoever.
Unless you enjoy carnage, stay out of the reach of Kirk Whalum's drifty new release.
Although opener Image Of The Invisible - ushered in by Morse code - boasts a mainstream hook, Music Box suggests a love of both Linkin Park and Rush-style prog-rock, and Atlantic is all drifty keyboards and acoustic strum.