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When vehicles are travelling in parallel across multiple lanes this drifting causes a domino effect, with cars in the outer lanes forced to also drift out of lane to avoid a collision.
I first learned about drift fishing as a youngster in 1965, in Rankin "lake" out of Flamingo.
The conventional method for identifying configuration drifts involves manually reviewing each production configuration and comparing it to the recovery or secondary configuration.
Only 14 of the country's best elite drivers were selected to comA[degrees] pete in the fourth season of the Red Bull Car Park Drift.
This year was the third season of Red Bull Car Park Drift in Oman and Asmi has participated for three consecutive years.
I have warned him to keep away from the drifts and have more than once sent him to the pictures to make sure he was not going in search of coal.
Here, I'll offer some tips for practicing, aiming and estimating wind drift.
One of the latest breakthroughs involves low-drift nozzles that can significantly reduce the proportion of very fine (small) spray droplets that are susceptible to drift.
The Irish drift net fishery is now the only large-scale fishery of its kind in the entire North Atlantic.
Defining a `drifter' as a horse whose price moved out by more than 20 per cent during the final five minutes before the official start time of each race, and a `shortener' as a horse for whom the reverse was true, Betfair claimed: ``The analysis from every runner in 1,864 races over the summer and autumn of 2004 shows categorically that punters who bet on horses that drift in the betting in the final five minutes do better than those who bet on horses that shorten in the market.
To study the drift of Bt-genes into refuges, Chilcutt and Tabashnik planted pairs of Bt and non-Bt corn varieties in various configurations.
Most theories concerning macroinvertebrate drift were derived from studies conducted on small streams (generally 1st-4th order; see Waters, 1972; Brittain and Eikeland, 1988, for reviews).
Advance exploration drifts (on vein) to the east and west property boundaries on the 5850' level, assembling resource data for the purposes of evaluating and expanding the mineral resource.
Heron suggests newcomers throw a marker buoy overboard at the reef's highest point and use it as a reference for sequential drifts.
For now, it presents no hazard to shipping, and it may be years, if ever, before it drifts far to the north.