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Only last week when we were without coal he said he would get some, but I told him he must not go to the drifts.
Use the anemometer to chart wind drift while practicing and hone your skills at estimating the wind speed.
You boat will drift, and pivot, until it comes tight on the rode.
Robert Klein, a crop specialist at Nebraska's West Central Research and Extension Center, recommends combining multiple drift control strategies in order to achieve optimal results.
Salmon going back to rivers in South Wales and south west of England were being taken in the Irish drift nets,' he said.
Detractors of exchanges are keen to highlight horses that drift and lose but conveniently forget those that drift and win.
Private boaters, dissect the same 150-yard stretch of likely looking structure in slightly different drift patterns over and over until a bass strikes, then drift over the hot spot again and again.
But it doesn't take long for him to find some action when a fellow American buddy, Twinkie (Bow Wow), introduces him to the underground world of drift racing.
The idea behind dead-drift nymphing is to allow the fly to drift in a natural manner - a dead motion, if you will - through the current to a spot where a fish is waiting for food to come to it.
Comparing all the motions with absolute rest shows this general drift in all three surveys.
A drift was driven to the north which picked up the vein north of the shaft.
The blowing snow rebuilt drifts that had begun melting after a winter of record snowfall.
The samples from the development drifts represent the true width of the veins.
TSX VENTURE:ECU) ("ECU Silver") today announces the receipt of additional assay results from one diamond drill hole of the current exploration/definition drilling campaign and assays from two developments drifts excavated to verify extensions of known veins discovered by the recent exploration drilling program.
Within the top elevation sections of the sulphide zones certain areas can be accessed by drifts from surface for bulk testing and mining purposed.