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As they drifted, the temperature anomalies followed the path of prevailing ocean currents, but they moved at only one-third to one-half the speed of the actual currents-an observation that scientists cannot yet explain.
Perhaps they resulted from the oscillation of water in a large crack or fissure in the iceberg, or maybe B-15B scraped along the ocean bottom or against an undersea mountain as it drifted northwest.
They are still unsure why the Honda drifted across the center lines.
Additional analysis tells the story: Of the 1,805 vehicles in the study that drifted beyond the paved shoulder, 35 percent of the drivers overcorrected their steering.
Check the diagram to consider the position of the base-runner in relation to second base if he had veered to his right after passing first, and then consider his position had he drifted to his left.
An earlier, one-tenth of an acre "testette" by the companies suggested the pollen would drift 1,400 feet, but the 400-acre test published by the NAS confirmed the GE pollen drifted for miles.