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It drifted about till it went to pieces, and often Starkey came to the shore of the lagoon, and with many bitter feelings watched the bird sitting on his hat.
Our logs drifted slowly and at last grounded gently on the bank.
Rokoff, on the other hand, had used little or no intelligence in his flight along the Ugambi, so that more often than not his craft had drifted in the slow-going eddies, for he habitually hugged the bank farthest from that along which the hideous horde pursued and menaced him.
It penetrated deep into the land, and the tide, setting in, drifted us under the shelter of the point.
Not a sign of life was manifest upon her as she drifted slowly with the light breeze in a southeasterly direction.
As again the raft righted and drifted on, Dorothy and Ojo laughed at the ducking they had received; but Scraps was much dismayed and the Scarecrow took out his handkerchief and wiped the water off the Patchwork Girl's patches as well as he was able to.
This led to more talking, and Johnny drifted out of the conversation to wait on other customers.
Instead we have drifted, and that drifting has eroded our resources, fractured our economy, and shaken our confidence.
The hot water from the Martian's overthrow drifted down- stream with me, so that for the best part of a mile I could see little of either bank.
The craft was still rising slowly, the while it drifted from me.