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The relationship of wind drifted patterns to flying waterfowl is a complicated one.
If, for example, a subsequent throw to third gets away from the third baseman, it would be much easier for him to advance to second if he has drifted into fair territory after crossing first base.
PEARBLOSSOM - A 62-year-old San Bernardino man died in a head-on collision when a car filled with Antelope Valley College students returning from a ski resort drifted over Highway 138's center line in a curve, officials said Tuesday.
Eighteen-year-old Jason Otto was driving a 1997 Honda Civic westbound at about 55 mph when it entered a curve and drifted across the double yellow lines into the oncoming traffic lanes.
Perhaps they resulted from the oscillation of water in a large crack or fissure in the iceberg, or maybe B-15B scraped along the ocean bottom or against an undersea mountain as it drifted northwest.
In the first such measurement, it was observed that, for a period of 3 weeks, the charge offset drifted by less than 0.
To date, the company has drifted 200 feet along one vein, with assays running in the range of 30 ounces of silver per ton and 2.
For the first time in humans, DNA-based vaccines and immunotherapeutics company PowderMed has shown that its H3/Panama DNA-based influenza vaccine shows cross-protective immunity against both an homologous H3 flu strain as well as four drifted heterologous H3 strains.
What is more exciting is that even spectators experience the adrenaline as they feel as if they are drifted along with the vehicle that's burning rubber, going around and around," said Roman Gavrilin, project manager, Expo Centre Sharjah.
As they drifted, the temperature anomalies followed the path of prevailing ocean currents, but they moved at only one-third to one-half the speed of the actual currents-an observation that scientists cannot yet explain.
Development began in 2002 and in late 2003 the ore shoot was drifted on and confirmed.
Since the image was taken, the iceberg has drifted 25 nautical miles to the northwest.
Two of these have drifted north, near the Falkland Islands off the coast of South America, and may soon enter shipping lanes.
Wisenbaker also noted that interest rates, which had increased at the end of June and into July, drifted back to levels below 6% in the last week of July, "not too far from the record low rates we saw in the late Spring and early Summer," he said.
In fact, they found evidence that during the last 50 million years, the Hawaiian hotspot has drifted with respect to other hotspots at a rate of 10 to 20 mm per year.