drift with

drift with (something)

1. Literally, to move slowly while propelled by something (such as wind or water). It's more relaxing to just let the boat drift with the waves.
2. To allow oneself to be pulled along with others' decisions or feelings. When will you stop being such a follower, drifting with all of your friends' stupid ideas? That senator always drifts with his party, so I doubt he'll oppose them in this vote.
See also: drift

drift with something

1. . Lit. to float along with something; to be carried along at the same rate as something. He paddled the canoe into the center of the stream and let it drift with the current.
2. Fig. to "move along" passively with events and ideas. He is not very decisive and is as likely as not to drift with the tide of sentiment.
See also: drift
References in classic literature ?
He imagined he was not moving, so insensibly did the monster drift with the air about it.
Their plan was to gain to the cached poling-boat they had seen, so that at the first open water they could launch it and drift with the stream to Sixty Mile.
Seiber has conducted studies that found that pesticides can drift with the movement of fog, and that some pesticides become enriched several thousandfold in the fog, resulting in the potential for increased toxicity in the respiratory system.
The state of Oregon directs citizens to file complaints related to pesticide drift with PARC, a multi-agency task force that is under the control of the Pesticide Division of the Oregon Department of Agriculture that, we have claimed, is heavily influenced by the pesticide industry.
Manufacturers of data acquisition equipment can now develop precision instruments that simultaneously deliver low noise and low drift with the launch today of the CS3001 amplifier family from Cirrus Logic Inc.