drift toward

drift toward (someone or something)

To slowly move closer to someone or something. I had to wait for the innertube to drift toward the steps of the pool before I could climb onto it.
See also: drift, toward

drift toward someone or something

to move slowly and gradually toward someone or something. The clouds drifted toward us, and we could see that a storm was coming. As the clouds drifted toward us, we could feel the humidity increase.
See also: drift, toward
References in classic literature ?
It may not have been so always, for I remember a black night when a poor lieutenant lay down in an oarless boat and let it drift toward the weir.
Milady, however, saw that this sort of narrative amused her very much, and kept at it; only she now let her conversation drift toward the cardinal.
Especially during the winter, northeasterly winds would help garbage and plastic drift toward the north coast of the islands, according to a Central News Agency report, while in summer, the beaches on the south side would suffer most.
Subsequently, an apparent "halting of drift toward resistance" was observed by researchers from 2011 to 2013.
McCain again asked if Bass believes that many of the actions that Erdoy-an has taken, such as "suppressing the social media -- YouTube and Twitter -- and restrictions on Internet freedom and an independent media," show a drift toward authoritarianism.
As Abby dashes off to find her son, those who stuck by her start to drift toward Samantha's (above) community, and Tom spies a chance to seize power.
We've all been taught that the browns of the old masters were there to model the figure, to create forms of palpable weight and volume, and that the pure hues of the Impressionists initiated the drift toward modernism by sacrificing solidity to the realization of the flat, decorative surface.
And as ozone's precursors drift toward the country, they produce even more ozone.
As the grains drift toward the inner solar system, they're buffeted by the solar wind.
They fear a drift toward what one aide to Senator Jesse Helms calls a "Clinton-like policy," that puts trade ahead of security and human rights concerns.
It's ironic that the Salvation Army would drift toward the Religious Right camp, given its origins as a progressive organization concerned about the needs of the poor.
However, Berthoff also maintains that some immigrants, like the Puritans and Quakers, insisted on communal responsibility, resisting the drift toward mere liberalism.
The past two administrations were also notable for an erosion of First Amendment rights, for more government secrecy, censorship, and repression, and for an increasing centralization of power in the executive branch--in short, a drift toward authoritarianism and away from democratic ideals.