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There is no need of going into an extended recital of our suffering in the small boat during the many days we were driven and drifted, here and there, willy-nilly, across the ocean.
It penetrated deep into the land, and the tide, setting in, drifted us under the shelter of the point.
The flat drifted under the bridge and then promptly sank in midstream.
So he drifted back to his wild young days, and spun many a rare yarn for me, while we downed beer, treat by treat, all through a blessed summer afternoon.
For a long time I drifted, so painful and weary was I after the violence I had been through, and so intense the heat upon the water.
It could not have been more than a few seconds that I lay senseless there upon the northern ice, while all that was dearest to me drifted farther from my reach in the clutches of that black fiend, for when I opened my eyes Thurid and Matai Shang yet battled at the ladder's top, and the flier drifted but a hundred yards farther to the south--but the end of the trailing rope was now a good thirty feet above the ground.
Should Matai Shang die before I reached the deck my chances of ever reaching it would be slender indeed, for the black dator need but cut the rope above me to be freed from me forever, for the vessel had drifted across the brink of a chasm into whose yawning depths my body would drop to be crushed to a shapeless pulp should Thurid reach the rope now.
There was his handkerchief on the floor, to prove that he had drifted in.
Speaking at the drift on Tuesday, resident John Yaa said the construction of the drifts was shoddy which made heavy rains weaken them.
The first Red Bull Car Park Drift Qualifier was held in Oman in 2010 and since then, the competition has only become bigger with more participants, more spectators and more challenging tracks.
One of the techniques to reduce drift is the selection of spray nozzles, mainly because of the size of droplets (Costa et al., 2012).
For fishing, my favorites are the smaller drift boats out of Palm Beach Inlet.
Those who would like to experience the drag or drift as a passenger can get into a friend's car for an additional BD4.
It then became its own sport, rather than just a technique after a drift video by Keiichi Tsuchiya became a hit.