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Normally, the driest years in the Pacific Northwest would be those when both the PDO and ENSO are in their warm phase.
Conversely, even fallowed soils will experience wettest and driest profiles, so it is possible to estimate a value for extractable soil moisture when there is no vegetation.
Simon Claisse, Cheltenham's clerk of the course, said yesterday: "We had less than 10mm of rainfall in January, which was less than any month in 2005, and it has been the driest January in 12 years.
The weekend downpour comes after the driest May since 1996, with only two-thirds the average rainfall and the fourth driest November to May period since 1914.
The period from February until now has been the second driest in England and Wales since 1921.
So how did a 2,438 meter (8,000 foot)-thick layer of frozen water, or icecap, form on Earth's driest continent?
Some areas, especially on the East Coast, are facing the driest conditions on record.
She boasts the world's highest mountain range outside the Himalayas, the starting point of the world's greatest river, one of the driest deserts, the deepest canyon, and for fans of the white stuff, the longest surfing wave in the world.
If at times Leirner veers dangerously close to the driest form of institutionalized conceptualism, her installations always manage to surprise us with their sense of discretion, intimacy, even empathy.
A similar story of faith is occurring in the world's driest region at the base of the Andes.
Greenhouse physics predicts that the driest air masses should respond first and most strongly to changes induced by human activities.
The driest summer in decades caused many trees to wilt and die, including some of the newly planted Global ReLeaf trees at Lake George.
Van Driest began his career in 1974 and held various marketing and management positions with Procter & Gamble and S.
LOS ANGELES -- January 2006 will go down as one of the driest winter months in California history.
After the driest September on record, the rain has to be good news - if only for the farmers and gardeners.