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The owners are continuing to keep the club barely afloat by tossing it dribs and drabs of finance.
By adopting a controversial law on privatisation at the beginning of March, the Cypriot authorities paved the way for receiving these funds in dribs and drabs.
At a dress rehearsal hours before last night's gig, Melissa, who wants to sing professionally, said: "We are really really excited because it has been done in dribs and drabs and it is going to just come together for this one per-formance.
The announcements have come in dribs and drabs, but presented together recently here at the European Planetary Science Congress, they provide compelling evidence that Mars was quite wet in the distant past, CBS News reported.
From initially turning up in dribs and drabs, the oncoming summer months see the turbot arrival becoming a steady stream.
I am sleeping in wee dribs and drabs but I never get a full night's sleep.
A1/2We wanted to be sure that we don't just talk about these in dribs and drabs.
Starting at the Fuad Shehab Sport Stadium the crowds made their way along a designated route around town and arrived in dribs and drabs approximately
But if you also have dribs and drabs of income coming in from other sources, then if the worst happens you'll at least have those dribs and drabs.
Mum Angela says she buys the children's school items in dribs and drabs as it is best to start early to ensure you can get the sizes needed Picture by PETER BENN; THREE TIMES THE COST: The Clarkes, Peter and Angela with youngsters Joel, left, Luke and Olivia
It's frustrating for us all because we know the capabilities of the players here; we see it in training, we see it in dribs and drabs on the pitch, but we haven't seen it for the 90-95 that it takes to win games.
We are getting allocated dribs and drabs of liP Sauce but it is nowhere near back to normal," he said.
He said: "We were released on December 10D and received compensation in dribs and drabs over several years.
Since the 1990s it has done dribs and drabs, and made the place disjointed.