draw together

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draw together

1. To cause people or things to come physically close together. A noun or pronoun can be used between "draw" and "together." Mom drew all of us together in a group hug after Christmas dinner. The electrical charges cause the particles to be drawn together in the solution, forming a new solid.
2. To cause people to rely on each other for comfort and support. A noun or pronoun can be used between "draw" and "together." As tough as it has been, I think this time of tragedy has really drawn together the whole country. The local team's playoff run is drawing the town together to show their support.
3. To gather multiple people or things into a single group or pool. A noun or pronoun can be used between "draw" and "together." The new project aims to draw together the information of millions of citizens. The company's new program is meant to draw people of diverse backgrounds together.
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draw people or things together

to pull people together; to pull things together. She drew her toys together in preparation for leaving. She drew together all the people she wanted to talk to.
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draw someone together

to make people seek one another for emotional support. The tragic accident drew the family all together. Do you think the crisis actually will draw us closer together?
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References in classic literature ?
The thousand roads of romance and adventure drew together in the saloon, and thence led out and on over the world.
I don't know how to explain myself"--she drew together her troubled brows-- "but it seems as if I'd never before understood with how much that is hard and shabby and base the most exquisite pleasures may be paid."
The lateral rocks, for an instant pushed back, drew together again, and added their weight to the ponderous mass which would have been sufficient to crush ten men.
And in this fashion, with a map of the city spread out before him, Daylight followed the movements of his three men as they drew together. Nathaniel Letton was at his offices in the Mutual-Solander Building.
His presence was a chill, and Whiskers and Fatty instinctively drew together for protection against the unguessed threat of him.
Nell, busily plying her needle, repaired the tattered window-hangings, drew together the rents that time had worn in the threadbare scraps of carpet, and made them whole and decent.
Our appearance upon the verandah in front of the habitation drew together quite a crowd, who stood looking on and conversing with one another in the most animated manner.
Just last week, SEAS and the EPA hosted the "Western New York Green Infrastructure Forum," which drew together architects, engineers, government administrators and scientists from around the country.
Summary: The Southbank Show Awards drew together a wide selection of the leading names in the arts for it's final ceremony.
As gravity drew together clumps of atomic matter, radiation--then tightly bound to that matter--exerted an outward pressure.
The Talking Together project was launched at the Centre for the Child at Birmingham's Central Library and drew together professionals from a variety of fields, including health visitors, language therapists and nursery staff.
Douglas and Kwok Pui-lan, EDS professors, drew together people who would represent the present reality of the Anglican Communion, no longer dominated by white people, British culture, and European theology.
Venetian marriage legislation drew together the interests of rich, middling, and poor patricians struggling for a common definition of nobility.
A number of books by Dixon and the likewise pseudonymous Carolyn Keene feature the Hardy Boys and Nancy DREW together.
This is the magnet that drew together the unique coalition of community groups and civic organizations that have conceived and sponsored Riverside South."