draw (something) to

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draw (something) to

To shut or close something. Oh, I drew the bedroom drapes to so that I could take a nap this afternoon.
See also: draw

draw someone or something to(ward) someone or something

to pull someone or something to someone or something. She drew him toward her and kissed him. Todd drew the child toward the light.
See also: draw

draw something to

to close or nearly close something, such as curtains, drapes, etc. She drew the drapes to and turned on the lights. Please draw the door to as you leave, but don't shut it all the way.
See also: draw
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Though the latter prejudice did motivate Drew to share a hilarious anecdote about how Harry Thomason, Clinton's TV-producer friend, tried unsuccessfully to get the inaugural oath rewritten from "preserve, protect, and defend" so that it began with the word "defend," which Thomason thought sounded better.
Famous brother detectives Frank and Joe Hardy team up with super sleuth Nancy Drew to crack a mystery that unfolds aboard a locomotive hurtling from Chicago to the west.
Frank and Joe ask their pal Nancy Drew to join them aboard Lori's elegant private train, originally built for 19th century adventurer Jake Hurley.
Fans aged 10 and up take on the role of Nancy Drew to solve the latest mystery in this ninth game of the highly acclaimed Nancy Drew CD-ROM series.
Alatorre said he believed pressure from a board faction forced Drew to leave and hoped that support from the board would persuade him to stay.
Riordan, who is a board member and also has appointed Wilson, Alatorre and downtown business leader Carol Schatz to the board, said he had not made up his mind about persuading Drew to stay.
We look forward with great anticipation to introducing Nancy Drew to a much wider audience on the Game Boy Advance.
We look forward to a strong and successful partnership with DreamCatcher and are excited about introducing Nancy Drew to consumers worldwide.
Drew to begin this new journey to create a cool, interactive environment that the audience would become an active member of and help build.