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The four-time Pro Bowl cornerback immediately drew interest from several teams after the Seattle Seahawks released him Friday.
The site has been considered by several developers during the last 10 years, as it drew interest from a big-box retailer, home developer and a private business interested in building a sports complex.
However, the Christian wedding drew interest from interested members of the public - some of whom even called their friends and told them to come along.
The yen also drew interest along with the European currency.
BMN drew interest from about 20 possible suitors, but only five or six of them made actual offers for the group, the daily said, adding that JC Flowers might also enter the race for the stake.
Granherne was selected for the study through an open bidding process that drew interest from international engineering and construction firms.
Malcolm drew interest from the Cleveland program while attending showcase events in the summer at Las Vegas and in British Columbia, where he had hoped to hook up with a West Coast Jr.
Bombardier Aerospace also drew interest with its new C Series cabin mock-up, displayed at the show for the first time.
The opportunity to acquire one of Manhattan's most significant trophy properties drew interest from institutional and entrepreneurial investors alike, with added fervor supplied by the lending community which aggressively jockeyed for position to provide financing to the prevailing bidder," said Mr.
Last year's hip-hop foray into Shakespeare, "Da Boyz," garnered international press, while "Funny Black Women on the Edge" drew interest from HBO.
Its key location between Fort Lauderdale and Miami drew interest from several top lenders.
The dollar also drew interest amid lingering fears of further economic deterioration in Japan, currency analysts said.
Anderson also drew interest from Detroit, Minnesota and Miami.
The center with its mix of tenants and decorative features drew interest because of its location - Magic Mountain Parkway and McBean Parkway - in the heart of the main retail district in a fast-growing community, Rasak said.
The rescue drew interest from several national news shows, Humphrey said, adding that the decision to conduct a risky rescue operation to save an animal is made on a case-by-case basis.