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Just 40 days after his birth and two days after he was injured by a rocket strike on his family's home, Kerem drew his last breath.
Everton 1 West Ham United 0 ON THE anniversary of the day the greatest centre-forward of all-time drew his last breath at Goodison Park, Everton took to the field without one.
LONDON -- Winnie Mandela says she feels ''very blessed'' to have been with ex-husband Nelson Mandela when he died, describing how she sat by his bedside until he drew his last breath.
When you read the biography titled "Birand - A life lived without looking back," (Birand - Bir EumE-r Ardyna Bakmadan) published only a short while before be drew his last breath, you will give Birand his due.
He was 82 when he drew his last breath peacefully in the night May 17, his very big heart giving out.
The foul mouthed chef drew his last breath it was said Arsenic was the cause of his death
L'HOTEL, PARIS Oscar Wilde took up residence in the late19th century and drew his last breath in the downstairs lobby in 1900.
L'Hotel, Paris Oscar Wilde took up residence in the early 19th century and drew his last breath in the downstairs lobby.
The guard drew his last breath at the hospital and his body was removed to a morgue in Mosul, to be later taken to Diala province," he added.
As a farewell gift, Bernadine sang him his favorite song, Hound Dog, after which both loving "parents" kept their promise not to shed one tear as Paco Sosa drew his last breath.
FOR the last 100 years, tourists visiting the spot on HMS Victory where Admiral Lord Nelson drew his last breath have been in the wrong place.
When my husband Art drew his last breath and I knew he had passed on, I felt utterly bewildered, not knowing just what was expected of me.
Again Kiyoshi Takahashi said yes to his daughter, just as he would right up to the moment he drew his last breath, and told her to go out into the world and make him proud.
Bo, 42, said: "It's not easy getting over the man I adored until he drew his last breath.