draw fire

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draw fire

To attract criticism or judgment. I drew fire from my parents when I announced that I want to be an artist, not a doctor.
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draw fire

Encounter criticism, as in His recent article was bound to draw fire. This expression uses the verb draw in the sense of "attract" or "provoke," and transfers fire in the sense of "gunfire" to a somewhat milder attack.
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draw (someone's) fire

If someone or something draws fire or draws someone's fire, they are strongly criticized. The new block of flats immediately drew the fire of the architectural establishment. Moynihan's plan to cut the Social Security payroll tax has already drawn fire from the administration. Note: `Fire' here means gunfire.
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draw someone's fire

attract hostility or criticism away from a more important target.
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Their action immediately drew fire from a wide range of fellow bishops and church leaders, who said the ordination was an affront to Anglican tradition, in which bishops of specific geographic areas have authority over issues of ordination.
The tariff system, however, drew fire from rice-producing countries such as Australia, Uruguay and Argentina, as well as the European Union.
The chain drew fire last year when it evicted low-income residents to make way for wealthier clientele.
of La Crosse, Wis., agreed to remove 15 billboards that drew fire for using Capone to pitch its Old Style beer.
The establishment of the mail-order plan drew fire from many pharmacy operators, whose stores represent one of the main distribution channels for greeting cards.
Proposed two years ago by physicist Louis Frank of the University of Iowa in Iowa City, the theory radically challenged accepted ideas and immediately drew fire from much of the space sciences community (SN: 3/29/86, p.199).
Ben Roberts-Smith, who was awarded Australia's highest military honour in 2011 for his bravery during an operation in Afghanistan in 2010 when he drew fire away from his unit, had lunched last year with Johnson, which helped the player with the 'mental side of things'.
Private equity firm Kohlberg Kravis Roberts and Alliance Boots deputy chairman Stefano Pessina effectively won the company on Monday with an pounds llbn bid, but the move drew fire from unions amid fears over closures and job cuts.
He drew fire from 10 and 11 Downing Street when he proposed raising taxes for high earners to fund cuts for middle and low income families.
But like "Natural Born Killers" and "Kids" before it, "O" drew fire long before its release.