draw fire

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draw fire

To attract criticism or judgment. I drew fire from my parents when I announced that I want to be an artist, not a doctor.
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draw fire

Encounter criticism, as in His recent article was bound to draw fire. This expression uses the verb draw in the sense of "attract" or "provoke," and transfers fire in the sense of "gunfire" to a somewhat milder attack.
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draw (someone's) fire

If someone or something draws fire or draws someone's fire, they are strongly criticized. The new block of flats immediately drew the fire of the architectural establishment. Moynihan's plan to cut the Social Security payroll tax has already drawn fire from the administration. Note: `Fire' here means gunfire.
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draw someone's fire

attract hostility or criticism away from a more important target.
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In a recent one, Bill Clinton drew fire for apparently rewarding his 1996 campaign contributors with overnight stays in the Lincoln bedroom--which was actually an office in Lincoln's day.
com medical advice website, promptly drew fire from the activist group Health Care Without Harm.
The share-out drew fire from Quentin Oliver, director of the Northern Ireland Voluntary Action group.
Abercrombie & Fitch's shirt stating ``West Virginia: No lifeguard on duty at the gene pool'' even drew fire from the state's top dog; Gov.
Many thought he had gone too far but the performance drew fire from the Prime Minister who faced continuing questions about the presentation of intelligence in the run-up to war with Iraq.
Officials with the Houston Independent School District have suspended a plan to send some poor-performing students to a private religious school with taxpayer dollars, after the scheme drew fire from church-state separationists.
Though popular, the 7-ounce fries and 42-ounce drinks drew fire from critics, who said they contribute to obesity.
drew fire from the National Catholic Reporter, a widely read Catholic newspaper.
The plan drew fire from the CRA employees union, which charged that Ovrom plans to raise salaries of top managers while laying off lower-paid employees.
At the same time, the county Parks and Recreation Department had planned an off-road vehicle park in Whitney, a proposal that drew fire from nearby residents and The Walt Disney Co.