dress for (someone or something)

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dress for (someone or something)

1. To wear certain clothes in order to make someone else happy. I'm sorry, Mom, but I'm 25 years old—I can't dress for you anymore!
2. To wear clothing that is appropriate for a specific occasion or outcome (as in the phrase "dress for success"). You're dressed for a trip to the mall, not a formal event. Please go change. I dressed for success in a suit and tie, but I don't think the recruiter was very impressed with me.
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dress for someone

to clothe oneself to please someone. I don't dress for you! Don't tell me how I should look! Sally says she dresses for her friends, but she really dresses for herself.
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dress for something

to clothe oneself suitably for some occasion or activity, or for success. Finally, I learned to dress for success. I can wear my tuxedo if you want me to dress for the formal dinner.
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more patients with the Hydro fiber film dressings had no complications, compared with those receiving the island dressing for both types of surgeries.
First utilized as work clothes, jeans in the twentieth century began also to be worn by marginal groups, such as bikers and artists, and then by the middle-class when dressing for leisure activities.
Seventeen patients wore the dressing for 5 to 7 consecutive days; the other three patients either removed their dressing or had it fall off within 48 hours of placement.
A convenient and efficient moldable dressing for skin grafts.
Each product is color-coded to help the caregiver select the proper dressing for the wound condition.