dress for (someone or something)

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dress for (someone or something)

1. To wear certain clothes in order to make someone else happy. I'm sorry, mom, but I'm 25 years old—I can't dress for you anymore!
2. To wear clothing that is appropriate for a specific occasion or outcome (as in the phrase "dress for success"). You're dressed for a trip to the mall, not a formal event. Please go change. I dressed for success in a suit and tie, but I don't think the recruiter was very impressed with me.
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dress for someone

to clothe oneself to please someone. I don't dress for you! Don't tell me how I should look! Sally says she dresses for her friends, but she really dresses for herself.
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dress for something

to clothe oneself suitably for some occasion or activity, or for success. Finally, I learned to dress for success. I can wear my tuxedo if you want me to dress for the formal dinner.
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References in classic literature ?
You forget, dear D'Artagnan, that a poor bishop of Vannes is not rich enough to have new dresses for every
de Percerin," Aramis continued, "you are making five dresses for the king, are you not?
I didn't trouble my head about getting pretty dresses for you.
My Girl Dress is introducing its winter collection of first communion dresses for toddlers and girls at the most reasonable prices.
Los Angeles, CA, October 18, 2016: My Girl Dress is introducing its new line of elegant, classy, and sophisticated first communion dresses for the winter season within the rice range of $40.
If you need a unique prom dress or a special high fashion or formal dress for a pageant or your Quincenera, a short cocktail or party dress for graduation or a bat mitzvah or even affordable bridesmaid dresses for your wedding, we have them all in sizes and prices to fit your needs.
Fear not, we have 10 fabulous recession-busting dresses for pounds 30 or less.
Photo: (1) Bessie Smith, left, a counselor for Penny Lane, a North Hills network of homes for abused and neglected children, gives one of her wards fashion tips as she tries on dresses for the agency's prom for 16- and 17-year-olds.
NEW YORK -- Online retailer Coco Myles is giving women the opportunity to design their own dresses for bridal parties and other special events.
Coco Myles is also the perfect destination for prom and formal dresses for fashion- and cost-conscious teens.
Allan Zwerner, president of licensing for PEI added, "Our goal is to achieve a complete offer of options for dresses for the modern woman and we have been looking for the right partner for dresses.
People had begun lining up three hours early to buy dresses for $249, hundreds and thousands of dollars below regular price.
Allan Zwerner, President of Licensing of PEI added: "Our goal is to achieve a complete offer of options for dresses for the modern woman and we have been looking for the right partner for dresses.
We are seeing a broad resurgence in dresses as a classification and the debut of Perry Ellis Dresses for Spring 2001 is perfect" said Kathryn Conover, design director of A.