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Lebrun is not in want of the dresses you will make for himself, but of those you are making for the king."
"The king's dresses! Give the king's dresses to any mortal whatever!
But already Percerin, goaded by the idea that the king was to be told he stood in the way of a pleasant surprise, had offered Lebrun a chair, and proceeded to bring from a wardrobe four magnificent dresses, the fifth being still in the workmen's hands; and these masterpieces he successively fitted upon four lay figures, which, imported into France in the time of Concini, had been given to Percerin II.
Lebrun packed up his paints and brushes, Percerin put back the dresses into the closet, Aramis put his hand on his pocket to assure himself the patterns were secure, - and they all left the study.
There are four white dresses climbing a hill in front of my window now.
The elder sister said that she was afraid that they hadn't got on dresses suited to the work.
Well, hang those dresses carefully up in your closet, and then sit down and learn the Sunday school lesson.
Where is the use of having a lot of dresses when she isn't out yet?
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I mean, come Oscar season, people aren't reporting about the jumper-culottes combos, it's the DRESSES, isn't it?
Other policies may focus on employee comfort, prescribing a dress code that allows employees to dress smartly but still in a way that is presentable to both internal and external customers.In such a policy, employees would be free to dress down from official suits, ties, skirt suits to less formal jackets, sweaters and dresses.
Maxi dresses and biker jackets are the perfect in-between seasons pieces for your wardrobe.
Ms Madine, 65, is now suing Ms Phillips and her mum Pauline Phillips - a former manager at Nico - claiming they ripped off one of her most iconic designs to make one of their own dresses.