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After reading Dressed to Rule, one might wonder if the distinction is as much historical as biological.
"On the first day of school, about 20 or 30 kids were not dressed up," Price recalls.
There was a time when everyone dressed the same, to the point it started to look like a uniform.
That doesn't mean that you can't have fun styling a sequin dress- you just need to consider the location or event to make sure that you're dressed appropriately.
Front, from left, Julie Hudson and manager Kim Hirst, in November 2003 JS*119725332 Tracy Martin is dressed as Elvis at Harlequin fancy dress shop, Stocks Walk, Almondbury, in December 2006 JS*119721833 Schoolchildren in fancy dress in April 1947 JS*119724477 For our online gallery of old go to pictures examiner.
The Manila shop dressed actress Isabelle Daza for her recent wedding, while another actress, Toni Gonzaga, also wed in a Vera Wang dress.
Granted, you wouldn't dream of upstaging the bride - but you do want to be the second-best dressed lady there.
Though Met Gala saw some of the best-dressed celebrities, it also saw some of celebs dressed in the worst possible dresses.
Mathew Williamson does the more dressed up long dresses using sequin with sexy silhouetted cuts, print on the dresses making them suitable for formal occasions.
Sadly her dress sense harks back to her heyday and is decidedly mutton dressed as lamb
BY RACHAEL BLETCHLY the fear of being "mutton dressed as lamb" once stopped anyone over 25 even venturing in to topshop.
Dressed up with classic court shoes and nothing else, a slinky knit dress is about the sexiest look you can get away with in the office.