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French fashion marched farther than French armies, as dolls dressed in the latest styles from Versailles were prized as far as Constantinople and St.
For many men, getting dressed for work isn't as discretionary.
Cool,'' however, was not the intent of 12-year-old Marita Lawson, who turned up for the first day of school at Columbus Middle School dressed to test dress code boundaries.
To date, the majority of the betting public have picked Kate Winslet as the most likely best dressed by 23%, following close behind is Hilary Swank with 20% of the vote and Annette Bening at 11%.
Bootsy Collins was dressed head to toe in leopard print.
Other Hollywood divas securing positions on the top-ten best dressed list include Oscar winners Kidman, Berry and Renee Zellweger; Oscar nominee Diane Lane; actress Adamari Lopez; Telemundo's Maria Celeste Arraras; and singer Mille Corretjer.
Gluckman said they used vintage photos of movie stars in designing the mannequins' hair and dressed them according to each era, right down to the underwear.
The "Little Black Dress" commercial takes place in a country club setting where all the men are conspicuously dressed in attire that usually serves as a trusty wardrobe stand-by for women -- little black dresses.
After all, you get more respect when you're dressed up,'' he says.
While the prospect of dressed up Sun employees got the attention of computer systems industry watchers, a quick survey showed the announcement had no impact whatsoever on the buying habits of Northern California haberdashers and women's fashion stores.
Ruthy Wilson and Kendall Capps both dressed to the nines.
This couldn't be the same shy teen-age girl who had walked into the La Canada Flintridge church gymnasium only a few hours earlier dressed in sweatpants and a T-shirt, could it?
Located in the Alley of the Valley, a shop called Dressed Up
Currently on exhibit is a bizarre collection of Barbie dolls dressed as art by Kari French, and ``A Chorus of Cuba,'' an impressive photo essay in black and white by Casey Stoll.