look/dress the part

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look the part

To look like one specifically fits a particular role, occupation, etc. You can be an amazing actor, but to land a role, you also have to look the part. It turns out he's a hugely successful financial investor, but with those cargo shorts, he really doesn't look the part.
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look the part

COMMON If someone looks the part, they dress or behave in the way that is characteristic of a particular kind of person. You look the part of an English gentleman, so people trust you. Friends say he was in the Foreign Legion. He certainly looks the part: his hair is cut very short and he has a deep wound above his left eye. Note: This probably comes from the idea of an actor wearing a costume that suited the role or part that they were playing.
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look the part

have an appearance or style of dress appropriate to a particular role or situation (even if not being actually very well suited to it).
2005 Scotland on Sunday Sharapova meanwhile was having problems of her own. Dressed to kill in a gold trimmed dress with gold trimmed and spangly shoes, she looked the part even if her game did not let her act it.
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look/dress the ˈpart

have an appearance or wear clothes that are suitable for a particular job, position, etc: I think Tim Evans should play Robin Hood. He really looks the part.He’s a funny kind of bank manager; he doesn’t dress the part at all.
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References in classic literature ?
Her black dress, simple to austerity, suggested her bereaved condition, and I was innocently astonished that notwithstanding a real emotion she was able to dress the part she had to play according to her notions of seemliness.
You see, if I am to be squire down there I must dress the part, and it may be that I have got a little careless in my ways out West.
The theme of the workshops is famous Disney soundtracks, so if the kids want to also dress the part, as well as sounding the part, they can come as any Disney character they want.
For the third straight year, Cleveland star LeBron James threw another mean Halloween bash and his teammates pulled out all the stops to dress the part.
He may try to dress the part, but there aren't a whole lot of Westerners that spend $12,000 of the taxpayer's money on an oil executive's private plane.
We're encouraging people to get into the spirit of the evening and dress the part.
With prizes for the winning teams, it promises to be a fun evening, with people encouraged to dress the part in 1920s' fashions.
Speaking to reporters at the Hungarian Grand Prix, Hamilton said he had been invited back and would definitely dress the part.
DRESS THE PART If you're itching to make an avantgarde style statement, interview day isn't the time to do it.
Dress the part on Christmas day with a red Santa apron which comes with a 'merry cooking' hat, PS6 from www.
DRESS THE PART When it comes to occasionwear wardrobe dilemmas, you can always depend on a knockout dress to impress.
Guests are encouraged to dress the part, be it a sequin sheath dress for women or a bow-tie and top hat for men.
The steampunk movement -- whose followers dress the part -- pays homage to an aesthetic that's part Victorian, part science fiction.
Some say first lady Michelle Obama should dress the part wherever she goes.