dress for

dress for (someone or something)

1. To wear certain clothes in order to make someone else happy. I'm sorry, mom, but I'm 25 years old—I can't dress for you anymore!
2. To wear clothing that is appropriate for a specific occasion or outcome (as in the phrase "dress for success"). You're dressed for a trip to the mall, not a formal event. Please go change. I dressed for success in a suit and tie, but I don't think the recruiter was very impressed with me.
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dress for someone

to clothe oneself to please someone. I don't dress for you! Don't tell me how I should look! Sally says she dresses for her friends, but she really dresses for herself.
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dress for something

to clothe oneself suitably for some occasion or activity, or for success. Finally, I learned to dress for success. I can wear my tuxedo if you want me to dress for the formal dinner.
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References in classic literature ?
My dear Percerin," said D'Artagnan, "you will make a dress for the baron.
Now rip that dress for Jenny to put in order, and I 'll toss you up a bonnet in less than no time," said Polly, determined to have things go smoothly, for she knew Fan's feelings had been a good deal tried lately, in many ways.
Harris said that, as an object to hang over a flower-bed in early spring to frighten the birds away, he should respect it; but that, considered as an article of dress for any human being, except a Margate nigger, it made him ill.
The mark never came out, and a stain was left on the dress for ever.
We were all waiting in the orchard for the Story Girl who had not begun to dress for church until Cecily and Felicity were ready.
Do you think she'd be offended if we offered to lend her a dress for Thursday?
If you're planning to don a dress for the special night, read on for five places to score a gown without breaking the bank.
If you need a unique prom dress or a special high fashion or formal dress for a pageant or your Quincenera, a short cocktail or party dress for graduation or a bat mitzvah or even affordable bridesmaid dresses for your wedding, we have them all in sizes and prices to fit your needs.
Velvet and lace are always Christmas party favourites and Dorothy Perkins can offer both with an eye-catching black lace dress pounds 35, and a blue velvet mini dress for pounds 30.
I love a maxi dress for day and evening, and Eva looks stunning in this red-carpet number.
3 : to wear formal or fancy clothes <Do I have to dress for dinner?
I suppose I could have altered it as a fun dress for my daughter or just thrown it in the bin, but that seemed such a waste.
Rubin's "Ellie, The Perfect Dress For Me" is very nicely illustrated in a cartoon style by Christopher Fowler and an ideal picturebook for children ages 3 to 8.
High school senior girls needing a dress for prom or homecoming must show a student ID, but are not required to prove need.
Created by Phyllis Brasch Librach two years ago after she failed to find a formal dress for her own ``curvy'' teenage daughter, Sydney's Closet offers a wide range of dress styles for girls and women who wear sizes 14 to 44.