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drenched to the skin

To be completely soaked with water—usually rain—through one's clothes. Come in out of that rain! Oh, you're drenched to the skin, you'll catch cold if you aren't careful!
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drench in

To cover or saturate with something (typically a liquid). A noun or pronoun can be used between "drench" and "in." You can always count on Bill to drench his pancakes in syrup.
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drench someone or something in something

 and drench someone or something with something
to soak someone or something in something. A sudden summer shower drenched them in sheets of rain. My raincoat was drenched with droplets from the foggy night air.
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By drenching only when required, Castle Hill has reduced the use of drench by up to two drenches over the season with an additional drench cost saving of around pounds 500.
A female motorist who was filmed drenching children at a bus stop by going through a puddle could face prosecution for careless driving, police have said.
The trial clearly demonstrated the cost benefits of drenching lambs with an organically chelated trace element and vitamin supplement,'' he said.
Whichever benefit route they chose, drenching lambs with organically chelated trace element and vitamin supplement will enable these farmers to fine-tune their finishing system and subsequently enhance their flock's profitability,'' he added.
While storm-drenched hurricane veterans were delighted after all the ominous evacuation warnings that it delivered far less physical injury and property destruction than originally feared, Floyd nevertheless proved relentlessly drenching, dropping as much as 19 inches of rain in some areas.